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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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Kav, I am not seeing the "no follow" external/visible tag on this?  I think this link should be "no follow" but I think its important to this topic.
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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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Yes, Reyth, I had and still have the same opinion on Brexit .  Bloody stupidity  !


Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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We Brits voted to leave the E.U. . Didn’t we  ? 
We wanted to paddle our own canoe and , particularly , put an end to “ mass immigration”.
Neither the Leave campaign or the Remain campaign thought the Vote to Leave would win and so made no plans for that eventuality. Stupidity !
Leave the EU  ? Not really, we still want access to their Common Market so what the Hell  was all the fuss about
our “ going it alone “? Dreams of Glories Past  ? Of why the  UK should not once again be  a World Power and , once again, put the Great back into Great Britain ? And not let those “ Bloody Foreigners “ dictate to us ?   
When Reality bites they find that the other EU members are not about to roll over and give the UK what it  wanted .
Realising that an election in 2020 may find the UK position is not so Great, and after saying , on a number of occasions, that she would not call for a General Election our Prime Minister - who voted to Remain - has done a U-turn on that  and  has called  for a General  Election for June because things are going to get tougher for the UK  after negotiations with the EU , and an election at that time might spell disaster for her Party. 
Yesterday our Prime Minister, Theresa May-who voted to Remain in Europe- accused some in Brussels of “ not wanting these talks to succeed, who don’t want Britain to prosper “. Unwittingly admitting that  Britain would be better of IN the European Common Market.
Even Americans and Canadians who have settled in the UK, have raised a family and established a business here are being forced to leave .
The stupidity continues.   

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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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Being part of the "European Community" is a big fat myth used to bully countries into submitting their autonomy to Brussels.  The EU has a proven track record of lying about their intentions and making up laws as they go along, regardless of what the "European Community" has to say about it.

Get out of the EU if you want to remain an autonomous country.  Everything else is just noise.

Or stay and see what happens as more violent criminals are deliberately shipped in to destabilize your government.
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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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I live in the Real World not in your imaginary “ Man the Barricades “ world.
Please tell me who are these violent criminals you claim will CONTINUE to be sent to the UK to destabilise the Government ? And just who sends them, ?  Your extreme prejudice is at work here and extreme views should not flourish in a democracy.   
Many UK companies are owned by “bloody foreigners “ with profits being repatriated to their Home Countries.
The “best  football league in the world “ is populated by foreign players, foreign   managers and some have foreign owners .Do you really think that they will be banished from the UK  because they are foreigners  ? Dream on   Reyth  !
All governments  depend on “ Bureaucrats   “ to carry out their orders so it is misguided to blame them for “ bullying” the populace. Politicians decide policies- not faceless civil servants. So if there is “ bullying” it is the politicians who do it  and “bullying “ politicians  are not confined to the EU..
As for “ autonomy “ you are blissfully unaware that  comparatively few in the UK want  real autonomy from the EU. How can a country want to “leave” but still want membership ?
We live in a fast -changing world, Reyth, and must adapt to changing conditions . The UK was not always united .
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were independent countries back in time .Even they were not always united  - previously consisting of “tribes “ with their tribal lands. Even   your “good ol’  US of A  “  has changed over time hasn’t it ?  And ,  even today , don’t some in California want  California  to leave the USA ? So how “ united “ is the United States  ?
The times they are a-changing’  Reyth but you are still stuck in a time warp 


Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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There is no connection between the Mohammedans carrying out terrorist attacks in your country and the immigration policy of the EU?  I don't live in Britain and so I would rather let someone that lives there elucidate further on this issue but its not just the UK that is suffering here but the other member countries as well -- its a systemic problem that only those who are "blissfully unaware" deny is being done deliberately.

So you would rather be bullied by those in Brussels than those in the UK?  Having electoral input concerning your politicians makes no difference to your living conditions?  Maybe its you who are "blissfully unaware" of how cold and uncaring Brussels can be when you have no say in what they do in any way -- they simply steamroll over even your voting populace.

Sometimes people just learn the error of their ways when its too late and the damage is done but it certainly isn't because I am "blissfully unaware" that I try and point these things out from history and the proven track record of the EU.

Ha, I still believe in the autonomous identity of individual countries -- yup I guess I am just a dinosaur.

If the EU actually showed itself as a fair representative governing body for the member states I would certainly shut up and let it govern itself but the injustice that they are perpetuating upon the once great Europe is simply too great to simply pass by in silence.
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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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I think we are talking about two different issues here, that's why the confusion:
  • Are we going in the right direction (globalization)?
  • Is it possible to stop or to turn back?
If globalization is bad this doesn't necessarily mean it is avoidable.
And if globalization is unavoidable this doesn't necessarily mean it is good.
Hope that makes sense.
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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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I feel your pain Greece man. 

Britain could be the new leader of the free world here by accomplishing this Brexit.  I mean if Britain is successful, other nations could join them but if Britain fails, so goes free Europe.

Its just my guess but I am pretty sure that subtle techniques are being used at this point to reverse the Brexit that only those in Britain can understand but should these attempts fail, I wouldn't be surprised to see a more "iron fisted" solution manifest itself from Brussels, similar to what they did in Holland.

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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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You seem to regard “ Muslims” as the problem  of terrorist attacks  while I see them as part of the solution . Most Muslims do not support these targeted attacks . It has nothing to do  with the UK immigration policy .Attacks take place in countries who don’t pursue  the same  immigration policy as the UK .
The basic complaint of EXTREME muslims is the invasions of Arab countries by Western countries who then try and impose THEIR  philosophy on them. Like all “terrorist “ attacks “ and Revolutions over the centuries I think they are fueled  by  a feeling of “ unfairness “ .  France, Ireland.
 Russia and, dare I say it , the USA who committed “ terrorist attacks “ against the ruling British Government .
The Extremist  Muslim leaders are falsely claiming that these invasions are an attack on the Muslim religion and enticing young idealistic muslims to commit  suicide in the name of their  religion when it is actually a political power
struggle .
Actually, reyth, the general population in any country has not much say in their governance. This is largely dictated  by a political class who decide the policies . The choice we have is to decide between the decision makers  - which is often a case of  voting for whom we consider the lesser of twp evils.
As for autonomy, you still don’t understand that the UK government wants membership of the EU market while wanting to LEAVE the EU. Hypocrisy or Stupidity ?. You ARE blissfully unaware that much of our business is WITH the EU and so any withdrawal will damage many of them.
It is not the one-way traffic that you seem to imagine. A “ bonus” is that we have had no internal wars in  Europe  because we are tied closer to each other than we were before.
.The EU is not perfect , Reyth , but  please tell me of any government that is  !
Your prejudice is still to the fore !


Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
« Reply #39 on: May 04, 2017, 11:25:20 PM »

I think, kav, that globalisation is not in the interests of the general population of the world.
 It puts too much power in the hands of  Big Business  whose interest lies in maximising profits for their shareholders - and , of course , their  own obscene bonuses. Pay for attending work and bonuses for actually doing the work. Not bad if you can get it !
This has led to  factories being shut down and workers being laid off and governments being  made to bribe businesses to locate to their country  while others  are  bribed to stay.
Our UK Prime Minister was recently in India sussing out  business opportunities available when we leave the EU. Average wage of an Indian factory worker is about 75p an hour while in the UK it is about £ 7.50 an hour. Who is likely to benefit most from this globalisation ? India or theUK  ?.
And if this trade materialises will  the Uk still insist in restricting Indian immigration ?   



Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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Did you watch the lastest video I posted about the criminal immigration threat across the EU member states?  I think you downplay the overall threat of the EU immigration policy.  Its scary to think that the more a country is weakened, the more they need to rely upon Brussels but of course this concept has nothing to do with EU immigration.

You downplay the ability of a voting populace to affect the path of a country as if somehow Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump are just opposite sides of the same coin.

Brussels is a dictatorship.  That's how they see themselves and its how they act.

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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
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You contradict yourself Reyth
First you say that
" You downplay the ability of a voting populace to affect the path of a country "
and then say that Brussels is a dictatorship .

In the EU we vote  to elect Members of the European Parliament.
So voting can change things but , on the other hand , voting has no effect ?



Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
« Reply #42 on: May 05, 2017, 03:19:05 PM »
In Holland (also Denmark, Ireland and France) they voted regarding constitutional policy.  Brussels simply formed a special commission and voted to ignore the votes of the people.  So sure lipservice must be paid to electing officials otherwise nobody would join the EU but when push comes to shove, Brussels does whatever they want. <== FF to 26:00 minutes to see what happened

I expect something similar from Brussels regarding Brexit but first they are trying the subtle approach.

More evidence of what Brussel leaders really intend:

Quote from: Brussels
With the recent introduction of the Euro, it is too soon to implement financial laws for all nation states but there will be a crisis and we will introduce those laws then.

Of course Europe isn't facing an immigration crisis and even if they were, EU policy would have nothing to do with that. 

After all, I am blissfully unaware...
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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
« Reply #43 on: May 05, 2017, 04:27:31 PM »

You posted a video of mass criminal immigration to the EU and now say that Europe is NOT facing an immigration crisis. You are confused Reyth.
You have the same mindset as the young suicide bombers - better to die than live under what you consider to be  a repressive system .
You praise the people in the Midlands of the UK  for voting to leave the EU yet those same Midlanders want MORE powers to be devolved to them from the UK government in London  That is London UK not Brussels ..
What is clear is that the majority of people - everywhere  - are pissed off by politicians and flailing around in  frustration looking for easy answers when there are none. We need to face reality and not indulge in  wishful thinking .
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Re: UK Brexit - opinions?
« Reply #44 on: May 05, 2017, 07:48:30 PM »
Europe is facing one hell of an immigration crisis!

The Muslim doctrine dictates that each wife should have at least FIVE children.  Their goal is to become the dominant population in order to take control of each society.  This poses one hell of a problem as it will set back the rights of women and children and the evolution of society hundreds of years. 
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