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Target roulette strategy
« on: April 05, 2014, 02:27:58 AM »
1.You are betting on six-lines, but tracking the streets.
2.As soon as you see a minimum of 3 hits in a street and 1 hit in an adjacent
street you have a betting signal.
3. Start betting on that six-line using the following progression groups:
Group 1: 1-1-1-1 then Re-evaluate
Group 2: 2-2-2 then Re-evaluate
Group 3: 4-4-4 then Re-evaluate
Group 4: 8-8-8 then Re-evaluate
Group 5: 10-12-14-17-20 then quit
"Re-evaluate" means look for the six-line with the latest 3 hits (or more) in
one of its streets and 1 hit in its adjacent street. Then bet on that six-line.
4. When your six-line hits, stop the progression and start all over again.

Could you believe that this "strategy" was being sold for $80?
The sales pitch said that it won 94,5% of the time.
What it didn't tell was that 1 loss could wipe out your winnings and then some...

Actually it is not a bad system. Roulette is such a balanced game that you can not create a bad system even if you wanted to. It is as difficult to create a bad system as it is to create a good system. If it was possible to create a bad system then you could always follow the opposite strategy and have a good system. ;-)