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Author Topic: How to make a roulette progression....  (Read 3057 times)

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mr j

How to make a roulette progression....
« on: September 25, 2010, 08:50:34 PM »
I get many requests asking me to 'make' a progression chart for them. It is much easier than you might think. I'll post my VIEW on how to do so.

Know what your total BR is, what you are willing to LOSE. If your BR is not high, you will not need to know max bet.

When you play, you need to know the min. bet. If you dont know, bring two different charts. Maybe one is for $5 min and the other for a $10 min bet.

What is your time worth? Drive time is the number one issue on this subject.

What NET per win is 'acceptable' to you? You should know your NETS at HOME. A guy who drives 3 hours to the casino and a guy who drives 15 minutes to the casino....two different definitions.

How many numbers bet per spin? Make sure ALL your chips can be placed in a quick manner!

Will you be playing on a 0 or a 00 wheel? You should know.

Will you use dollar OR nickel chips? If the number of your bets are going to be high anyways (over 25) you might as well use nickel chips. It is MUCH easier to keep your NEXT bets organized.

Another point in regards to your TIME. Are you skipping spins before betting? Same thing, make sure your NET wins (per hour) are going to be worth your time. What good does $8 per hour do you?

Don't leave your chart at home, do not try and memorize it. With every loss, you should ALREADY know what the next bet(s) will be. total. If you are not the best at math (me), also keep with you, how many CHIPS you should have coming to you on a win. EXAMPLE: You were betting $55 on a split. The dealer could careless its $935. You need to KNOW, you will have 187 units coming your way. Usually it will not all be in nickels. Remember, stacks of 20. They probably will also give you some greens or blacks. Too many players RELY on the dealer to pay them correctly, I rely on myself for this.

After every loss, keep track of your running total (at home). Meaning, add up all loses to that point. Look at your next bet. If you get a win, subtract your running total from the GROSS of the win, you now have your net. Look at that net, if its too low (your time) you need to up the bet. Also subtract other losing numbers on that bet. Meaning, lets say you were betting 3 numbers. You get a win and have your gross. Subtract your running total AND the other two bets you lost on. You now have your net.

A sidenote: Lets say you do skip spins before betting. How many skips, then add that to the number of steps in the progression. Lets say you skip 40 spins THEN add 50 for the progression (say we are betting 2 numbers). Thats 90 x 2 = 180. Divide that by 38 (or 37), = 4.7.......I always try and shoot for a 4.5 or higher.

Questions?  Ken
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