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Author Topic: Past numbers have *NOTHING* to do with future events?  (Read 2356 times)

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mr j

Past numbers have *NOTHING* to do with future events?
« on: September 15, 2010, 05:48:15 PM »
Yes, I know EACH spin is independant of each other, blah blah blah, I dont need the speach. My point being, the number of times you have read regarding past numbers meaning NOTHING. This misconception is usually from AP guys but there are sometimes others. In 37/38 spins, on average, there are 3 numbers with 3 hits on it. Sometimes 2 numbers, sometimes 4 numbers, whatever.

Lets say its the numbers 5, 17 and 34. I am looking for a YES or a NO to this question......try not to DRIFT from the question. Didn't those three numbers have to have two hits on them (within 37/38) BEFORE it had 3 hits? The number 5 is not going to magically jump from having ONE hit on it, then out of no where, it has 3 hits on it. My point being, if PAST numbers mean nothing, then HOW is it that we can gage that there will 2-4 numbers with 3 hits on them?

An example of a little contest we can have >> We'll track some numbers. Of course we know CHEATING may be involved with that, as usual. lol When we have 25 numbers recorded, I will pick 3 numbers that I think will have 3 hits on it by 38 (or 37) spins. *BUT* I also get to pick ANY 3 numbers for you, you dont get to choose your numbers. At the end of 38 numbers, we'll see who has the most numbers with 3 hits.

Who knows, I might not have any. Also, we'll do this for 30 groups of 38 numbers. At the end of the 30 groups, according to the slide ruler guys, it should be roughly 15/15. Maybe not exact but it should be close. Why? Because "the ball has no memory. All numbers are independant from one another, PAST NUMBERS MEAN NOTHING". Ken