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Read this before posting your coding request
« on: September 07, 2015, 11:39:41 AM »
Hello gentlemen,

I'm so pleased that Kav has setup this separate board for coding requests. Roulette coding is my hobby and I just do it for fun.

When making your request please please please explain it in as much detail as possible. It may seem very easy and straight forward to you, but for someone else that has never even thought about your logic or argument, it can be difficult to fully understand.

Define what each and every word means. For example, the phrase "Put 1 unit on the last dozen that hit" may make sense to you, but it can actually mean very many different things, depending on what you want it to mean! "The last dozen that hit" - is that the last dozen that was spun, or the last dozen which had a winning bet? What about if a zero was spun? Then how do we define the last dozen now? Do you see what I mean, folks?

If your requests are not defined properly, it can take a lot of extra time to re-write the code. On average, I spend 1-2 hours per request, that is if the description is easy to understand and defined properly. Modifications are tedious and very time consuming, even if I've written the code myself.

I really do look forward to coding some more of these excellent ideas....

so.... happy experimenting!

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