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Roulette 30. Roulette Theory and Life.
« on: June 16, 2010, 03:07:48 PM »
Hello dear friends.

In a world full of scammers, cheating RNG online roulette games, "sure win" martingale system sellers. And with more and more people adopting the "you can't win with a method, you need to find a biased wheel" approach, I felt the need to create "Roulette 30".

The point of Roulette 30 is to help people learn the basics of roulette and then discover new approaches to old, classic roulette questions. Learn to think mathematically and creatively. Is a place with new roulette ideas, new concepts, old and new roulette systems and a very exclusive roulette forum. All this mixed-up with probability theory  :D Roulette 30 is not about AP or VB.

And just to avoid misunderstandings and flamewars I'd like to explain a couple things.

Q: Why is Roulette 30 only about mathematical methods? Don't you know they all fail in the long run? Why not jump on the bandwagon of AP?
A: My attraction to roulette is not only the potential of financial gains but also (probably more so) the intellectual challenge it represents - in fact it's the combination of both that makes roulette play so intriguing to me. Biased wheel spottin seems to me tedious and VB is more a skill than an intellectual achievement. Oh, and it IS possible to be profitable without using AP.

Q: Do you have the perfect system that wins all the time? If you do why don't you just tell us? Are you a system seller? What are yo trying to prove with your site?
A: I'm not a system seller. In fact I believe it is possible to win at roulette without having "THE WINNING SYSTEM". I'm someone who thinks he has learned, thought, experienced and created enough about roulette and wants to share. I'm not a guru. But I believe I have something to offer - to share. Because (admit it) it's a hard, lonely job to try to tame this ancient wild animal called Roulette, (also called luck, probabilities, unpredictability, or randomness).
That's all.

You are welcome to visit where you can read a great variety of inspiring ideas and thought provoking articles about roulette theory and life. From scientific essays (Arbaam de Moivre, entropy theory etc.) to Personal stories and video documentaries, and from roulette systems to completely new answers to classic roulette questions.
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Re: Roulette 30. Roulette Theory and Life.
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