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Author Topic: I Am Nuts!!!  (Read 1566 times)

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I Am Nuts!!!
« on: July 23, 2015, 04:34:58 AM »
You already knew this, but just to further prove the point.  I am playing a slot game with 5 cylinders, 8 possible results where the following is allowed:

1) Specifying the amount you wish to bet but forcing the following capped progression:
   .01 .05 .10 .50 1.00 2.00 5.00

2) Allowing 9 lines to be bet which cross the cylinder rows as well as stay within the rows:

Line 1: straight across 1 row
Line 2: straight across 2 rows
Line 3: straight across all 3 rows
Line 4: cylinder 1 first row, cylinder 2 second row, cylinder 3 third row, cylinder 4 second row, cylinder 5 first row
Line 5: Same as line 4 but starting from third row 1st cylinder
Line 6: cylinder 1 & 2 first row, cylinder 3 second row, cylinder 4 & 5 first row
Line 7: Same as line 6 but starting with third row 1st cylinder
Line 8: cylinder 1 second row, cylinder 2,34, first row, cylinder 5 2nd row
Line 9: Same as line 8 but using 3rd row instead of 1st row for cylinders 2,3,4

3) Payouts of:

I have been betting all 9 lines, raising my bet on any total miss.  Leaving my bet where it is with any hit without profit and reducing to the base bet with any profit.  Right now up $120.

I guess I just got lucky, they already have all this stuff figured out and I can't win long term, right?

Btw, I can't necessarily explain it (I am too lazy : P ) but I think that accomplished & knowledgeable roulette system gamblers are the most dangerous that a casino will face.  THE poker doesn't hold a candle to the mental gymnastics (statistically speaking) that roulette requires.

Dang, I just went up ANOTHER $50+!  In that time, the farthest I got into the progression was to the $1 and it happened only once.

And ANOTHER $50.  I can make $100hr with this thing!  Only went to .50 in the progression this time.

And ANOTHER $50.   Up to .50 on the progression. 

Something is wrong that this is so easy:

1) The "worst spin sequence" has not revealed itself yet
2) This is a win feeder
3) Because this a new slot, they will be "adjusting things" as too many wins come through from everyone

The solution to #1 is the "acid test" where I look to double my money and then twice and then three times.  For now I will just get "a feel" for this machine and keep spinning in my spare time.

#2 of course is real money

#3 I am dreading but nothing can be done about that

I'm not the guy that likes slot machines or posts that review how much fun they are having because of the bonus rounds or w/e.  This one caught my attention because of the theme and I just started messing around with it and noticed the progression which is like roulette and well it just hasn't quit paying.
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