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Kavouras full strategy writing diary.
« on: June 19, 2015, 08:15:35 PM »
These are some very creative days for me. Trying to write down in a coherent way the twists and rules and ideas and advice and everything of the Kavouras strategy.
I'm a bit overwhelmed too.

I have started writing the strategy last September.
Then I made a big long break. And since 4 weeks I'm back, determined to finish it.
It is an intellectual challenge. A nice one.

I had the bad idea of starting a countdown the other day and I' am already late.
There are many reason for the delay.

The Kavouras strategy was developed "on the field", the casinos and the roulette tables. Not sitting on a desk. To be more accurate, the bet selection was decided on my bathroom (like all worthwhile "Eureka!" moments), but the betting plan was developed by using it. Me and the person I call Kavouras (btw, that's why in some posts I refer to Kavouras as a third person).

So the betting plan is the product of observation, experience, intuition and lucky discoveries. To us it seems very natural. Now I have to translate the million factors that I almost subconsciously take into account in to clear rules. Not the easiest of tasks. But I enjoy doing it. 

I will keep this thread to share some thoughts and feelings that came to me while writing the full Kavouras strategy. I hope you find it interesting.

Here is an excerpt from what I write right now:
"My aim is to teach you to understand the flow of the game and dance wonderfully with it, as great  partner would. Without thinking of your feet or the steps, as a great dancer doesn't. A great driver has his eyes and mind on the road and flows* naturally with it, doesn't worry about the pedal or the steering wheel. The rules are useful to teach you what to do, how this strategy works. But they are actually a distraction if you have to think about them, instead of focusing on the flow of the game and the assessment of the situation.

You will have full command of the strategy only if you can apply it without looking at the rules. If you can't, then you are not ready, not proficient enough. Practice more, again and again, at home, with pen and paper."

Sorry for my delay to those who have already sent me an email with their interest.
The launch is planned for early next week. Hopefully Monday.

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Re: Kavouras full strategy writing diary.
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2015, 10:09:23 PM »
I didn't miss this second deadline.
The Strategy is now ready for consumption!
Whoever is interested can email me.
The official launch may take 10 days or so, while I prepare the Faq and some other material.
Just to be clear, since a couple members told me they are not sure what this is about, let me clear things up.
What you buy is entrance to a members-only micro-site.
The site contains 14 Chapters (pages) where the full Kavouras Strategy is explained in detail.  In these pages I try to:
  • Help you understand the logic behind the system.
  • Give you specific conditions to follow.
  • Talk about the bankroll and how to deal with the inevitable lost attacks.
  • Set the framework for the betting plan and specific rules.
  • Explain where lies the magic flexibility of this system and how to take advantage of it.
  • Tell you how to keep track of the important things that are happening in your session and how to use this info.
  • Give a long, detailed example of how to deal with a very difficult spin sequence.
  • Offer as a bonus 6 alternative bet selections, along the lines of Kavouras bet that can be of interest, especially to people who enjoy a less aggressive play-style (less units-more numbers).
The Kavouras strategy concept is easy to understand. I could describe it in 300 words. But it takes study and practice to master the various important details. And I will be available in my email to answer possible questions and post the answers in the Q&A page of the micro-site.
What I'm a proud of about this system and the reason I believe it is absolutely unique and worth to make it available for purchase are 5 main elements:
  • The bet selection, which is explained in more detail
  • The way we evaluate each situation, before and after we start betting.
  • The betting framework is absolutely unique. For example, betting up and betting down don't follow exactly the same steps.
  • The flexibility of the betting that adapts to the situation.
  • The very original and careful way we deal with the occasional lost Attack/session.
I truly believe that any roulette system player, serious about the game, has something to learn from the Kavouras strategy and how it approaches roulette.

Thank you for your interest.
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Re: Kavouras full strategy writing diary.
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2015, 05:49:45 PM »
Although the official launch of the complete Kavouras strategy is delayed, I receive some interest about it.
So here are some quick clarifications, so you get an idea about what you can expect.

  • The complete Kavouras Strategy is offered as a lifetime membership into micro site where the strategy is explained in over 10 pages/chapters. It is offered under a non-disclosure agreement.
  • I offer no warranties, no refunds and I'm not liable for any losses.
  • The Kavouras Strategy is not a get rich quick scheme or method.
  • It is a serious strategy to fight roulette.
The success rate of the Kavouras strategy depends on various conditions. Naturally one can purchase and use the system even if one's game does not meet these conditions, but the success rate of the system will be lower.
  • Play a fair game.
    [There are doubts about the fairness of some games, be it RNG, airball roulette, live casino or even physical wheels]
  • Play on a European wheel.
    [The bet selection is designed chaotically in reference to the European roulette wheel. Furthermore European roulette suffers much less from the house advantage (-2,7% vs 5,4% of the American roulette).]
  • Adequate bankroll. The optimum bankroll is 1600 units. Absolute minimum is 800 units.
    [Without adequate bankroll one bad sequence can kill you. This is a very common reason that "good systems fail".]
  • The right betting conditions.
    [Some players may not have access to multiple tables at the same time (as in a real casino environment) or they may not be patient enough. So they may find it hard to wait for the right betting conditions.]
  • Do your homework.
    [This is not a "winning roulette system for dummies". You need to study it and understand the logic of it. Then practice with pen and paper. This not a system you read in five minutes and then go to the casino and win millions. There are no such systems.]
If you expect a "step by step guide to riches", you may be disappointed.
Although this system is profitable for me since many years, and I have full confidence in its power, I don't want to offer it as such. I make no promises and I do not describe it as "making millions the easy way". 
If you want to expand your horizons by reading/learning a serious roulette strategy designed and used with success by a true roulette player (or two), then the Kavouras strategy is for you. It is a worthwhile reading for every serious roulette player.
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