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Author Topic: Roulette Wheel is Beatable  (Read 77034 times)

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Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #195 on: August 15, 2015, 12:33:18 PM »

 ...after all you want to make some profit


No argument that profit is nice and we all need to pay our bills.

However a comprehensive defeat of this roulette game is infinitely nobler than any dollars attached. A methodology that finally conquers roulette should be considered as a priceless artistic masterpiece, not just a pretty picture that can sell for a pretty price...

...think about it.

The "methodology that finally conquers roulette" you are talking about here Trilo is nothing more then plain "Patience".

If you acquire and master this virtue, you will prosper in every aspect from your life.

So better said:
conquering roulette equals conquering your biggest enemy - yourself.


Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #196 on: August 15, 2015, 12:34:53 PM »
Just remember 'Murphy's Law'.....

Anything that can happen will happen.

So yes, the roulette wheel is beatable.

Made my day! :D


Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #197 on: December 21, 2015, 11:42:07 PM »
Winning at roulette..anyone?! :D


Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #198 on: December 22, 2015, 12:23:26 AM »
Welcome back! : D


Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #199 on: August 21, 2016, 07:40:07 AM »
I'm still standing behind this statement.



Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #200 on: February 12, 2017, 05:37:53 AM »
I just wanna weigh in here that I totally agree on the large bankroll vs. the relatively small target profit goal.  I can't seem to find a reliable way around this necessity although I have heard a way exists.

Recently I have felt kind of ashamed that I needed a 6000 unit bankroll to be secure in my system play.  I guess I shouldn't feel that way?

You are finally learning something valuable Reyth. :)

In roulette there are two ways to win:
1) is the long, muddy, bloody, s***ty, sweaty "big-bankroll-small-guaranteed-win-every-session" way and
2) is the "hit strong and run" (as fast as possible) way.

If you choose the second way, you'll hope that in the long "short" run the amount of winnings will outnumber the amount of losses: better said if you find something which earns you 2T(otal)B(ankrolls)+1 unit before losing the initial T(otal)B(ankroll) continually, then you have created something worthy for using. Otherwise, its wiser to just go to the casino and GAMBLE. This way, sometime you'll be lucky enough to WIN BIG and buy a nice and super fast car and hope that you'll die in car crush before your next trip to the casino, because this is the only way to stop yourself from gambling away all your possessions. Yes, there are lots of guys across the world who became SUPER ARROGANT and SELF CONFIDENT after just one lucky night at the casino and then continued gambling and after losing all their money they start selling their jewelry, their car, house, get divorced and became homeless and useless bitter members of the society.

If you choose the first way, you'll enter the casino, wait for the trigger, play, activate the progressions, play a little more, win, leave the casino with your small winnings - session after session. In the beginning it might look fun but after few months you'll start looking for ways to grow your winnings per session. After lot of hours spent in research you will again and again get to the same results and conclusions:
if you want to grow your winnings, you'll have:
1) to use bigger bankroll for the current approach or
2) to add additional approaches/systems on your current approach/system (arsenal) and this way earning more per hour on avg (because when you'll be waiting for the trigger for one approach, the trigger for some of the others will be activated and you'll play on it etc)

If you get to that level, you'll realize that the winnings in casinos are kinda fixed and limited (because we must stick to the table minimum and maximum, to our bankrolls and total amount of units in bankroll, to the steps from the progressions, to the time which passes without ever coming back), and that you can earn much much more if you invest that same time and intelligence in something else ex. creating and building a company which can grow without limits and can serve your community, country, or even the WHOLE WORLD.

In one other thread (in "Gambling Addiction Stories" section), I've written that playing roulette for (constant) profits is something that especially the unemployed, the students and retired should learn and do.

@Reyth the day when you'll realize the same is the day when you've officially beaten the Roulette Wheel and when you are ready to move forward with your life, while in the way using everything that you've learned while learning this game (all the laws, all the lows and highs, all the calculations, all the progressions, all the headaches that you went through, all that coldness and emotionlessness you have acquired and with which you'll face all the good and bad situations that will follow further in your life, everything about the not so random randomness which can be found everywhere and in everything around us (your awareness will lift to the point when you will clearly see that everything on this planet and in this Universe is interconnected).

After all, making money from the wheel was never the real, true intention of any roulette player across the world: it was beating it, it was proving that THE PLAYER is SMARTER OR (if not smarter) SMART ENOUGH to outsmart the wheel, the dealer and the casino-over and over again. It is like a mountain peak that we see from afar and we long to reach it..we dream about it, we think about it, make plans how to make it..

And then a day comes when we finally arrive there.
Its a moment of pure bliss followed by deep, dark and silent emptiness..
  very well said. it is a lot more spiritual then we think. and all the time and hard work we thought was wasted all of a sudden leads us to a place of blessings. we finaly see reality. not just the wheel.
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Re: Roulette Wheel is Beatable
« Reply #201 on: April 15, 2017, 10:46:48 AM »
 So what about third way of situation developing? When we use coins to create considerably big winnings, multiplying our bankroll multiple times in the middle of the process?  Or you guys gonna tell that lm unreal and this situation can not happen?
   So what's about this " reality " you guys "see"?
 If you ask myself, l would tell it's illusion.