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Hello, I ask an open question - you mention that you record your games when playing online - that way you can make valid complain if something goes wrong.
I listened to you and do the same thing.

Now I come up with a selection method and strategy that make around 25 to 50 Euro each day - without spending too many hours playing.
Using 1 Euro stake as a base.

Now I discover problems at Unibet and Betfair - I don't believe in the track and chart what players do to avoid them from winning - but I got some serious problems, but don't want to come with conspiracy theory.

The internet connection stop working and I get cut off when placing bets and during my overall game.
This starts after a couple of minutes after betting.

I record all sessions so I can prove what I talk about.
And I am conservative and wanted to stake 10 Euro base bet and make 50 to 100 Euro a day - but first, I reckon to start small to see that the simulation success also is same with real play with real money.

But I have serious problems and is not from my side of things.
I try this with both VPN  on and VPN off - same problem.

I have 100 MBIT UP and 100 MBIT DOWN with fiber optic - so there is nothing wrong with my connection.
And I can back up that conclusion with running google chrome cast with my TV and never had any streaming problems.

What should I do - stop playing online and have the comfort being home or should I go to Casino Cosmopol.
I never had this problem until I start playing this Marigny strategy.

Is similar to Ching a Ling strategy who won 30.000 Euro with one bust and he end up with 25.000 Euro and continue - I assume he plays for a living today among others.
It was a 76 pages forum post that got HOT when he revealing his method - save it if someone wants a copy.
I use same but with improving selection based upon math and probability calculation where I combine two Marigny selection into one to increase the probability and likelihood to score within 2.5 STDV windows betting against 5.0 STDV window and catching the regression between the weak and strong imbalance.

Now is there other online casinos with know good connections without disturbing breaks and streaming problems.
I really would like to build up some daily profits using this method.

Well, I thought I was conservative only playing La Partage Auto Roulette wheel at Unibet - but they did everything to make me playing impossible.

Many thanks, Patrik From Sweden
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Are you complaining losing? We do not win always.  I am since a few weeks 678007 plus, that is very nice, but  I could lose as well.  No way will make a win sure.  In money 6780 Euro-


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No i don't complain about losing, won one session 25 Euro and other 7 Euro - no problem.

I talk about online casinos with bad connection.
Making it difficult to play.

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Now if i can simulate this - two sessions over 2.5 STDV end up break even and the others +4 units.
Then i can do same with real money.

Marigny concept...

session  1 Break Even
session  2 Break Even
session  3 Profit +4 Units
session  4 Profit +4 Units
session  5 Profit +4 Units
session  6 Profit +4 Units
session  7 Profit +4 Units
session  8 Profit +4 Units
session  9 Profit +4 Units
session 10 Profit +4 Units



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Read this s*** - if i get bad connection and miss out on one bet (crusual) then they skip that and i can view my history board.

This destroy any selection process and staking plan.
What a Joke.

You really need online casino with good internet streaming.

Leo Vegas

If you lose your connection during a live game, it will still continue. If you do not 'come back' to the game round before it ends, you will automatically be considered 'skipping' the round. You always have the opportunity to review the results of your casino history.


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Connection problems are not only by your speed. This can happen during the way, and most casinos have good speed. Anyhow where a problem happen, a casino can not accept a bet they never got. I have had a few such issues,but just a few. Happens every day, issues on the net. We are not even aware of it most of the time. They do not throw you out.


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I can only thing of one problem - my WIFI in the living room and my main computer in the kitchen.
I will try to put a cable to my fiber optic in the wall - should be secure as i have VPN on computer by default.

Then i might get better connections when playing.

Been playing online before and did not have this issue.
But this made me think becaus on month ago i buy a new router and have it on living room.

Before i had the router in the room between living room and kitchen - assume i got better WIFI connction that way.

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I can only thing of one problem - my WIFI in the living room and my main computer in the kitchen.I will try to put a cable to my fiber optic in the wall - should be secure as i have VPN on computer by default.Then i might get better connections when playing.Been playing online before and did not have this issue.But this made me think becaus on month ago i buy a new router and have it on living room.

I have read your posts and understand your concern. From my own experience that span many years back and I have followed the development of Online betting on many Casinos I can say this much;

There are agreed streaming business between roulette studios, or public salons from land based Casinos, with real gamblers present and Casino Online Portals.  The Landbased Casino provides, as per agreement, HD cameras on a number of spots in the Casino that streams the signal (during specific hours) to the proxy online gaming portal provider (Unibet, Ladbrokes, Leovegas, Dublinbet).

These portals have had since their beginnings, housed a second rate server park that easily becomes overloaded by too many connected players during heavy traffic times. You reckognize this by during these times being disconnected sometimes from the game at hand.

The large providers mentioned above are not sabotaging your game, trust me on that, most of them are registered on Brittish or European stock exchanges and cannot afford a scandal based on valid complaints from gamblers that can provide proof of foul play. They play the house edge on so many games that they know basically quite precisely how much they will earn on every table offered to their online gamblers every single days. They have very sophisticated programs that goes on 24/7 showing estimated profit on each table currently and prognosed. Deviations are dealt with in various ways but notin unlawful interventions.

What you experience is just server overload due to way too many connected gamblers. That is why they disconnect gamblers from from a room after 5 minutes (active gaming) if there is no activity. It is highly iorritating and contributes in a way to increase their edge due to the mental strees it imposes on the gambler having perhaps lost an opportinty to make a crucial bet. I call this EI effects (Enviromental Interference). The landbased has theior with no clcoks on the walls, free drinks, sudden closing of tables etc. The smaller online casinos have the same tricks but in ways that are lawful but still dirty tricks in some cases. The large casinoi portals dont use this as they make way too much money to risk a customer they know they are going to suck dry from money if they keep having him back a certain amount of times.

If you notice the best onlince casino these days, Leovegas, they offer only casino games and not sports betting. That is their nisch and they have become so good at it that they offer a customer instant withdrawals  (4-5 minutes depending on size). Max withdrawal per day is 500,000 SEK (€50,000).

Hence to think they will cheat you on a rather small game of a couple of thousand euros during a session, is not logical or viable.

I suggest you look through your new router, you also clean up your browser you use for gaming and check your graphic card if its drivers are up to date and if it matches the requirements of your processor (and vice versa).

If you really wish to play a game with no limits or disturbances I really recommend Casino Cosmopol. There they dont give a rats ass how much you win and they dont demand any tips (forbidden) like they do for example in southern Europe (including Germany). The only drawback is if your system requires complex calculations that means the need of software and the device that can process it (sorry pads are forbidden in most casinos).

The reason I developed the VRTech platforms was for online gaming with lightning fast processing of a large number of algos that provides a simple readout (with market like warning indicators) by the user when gaming against the above portals. Even a sudden disconnect isnt a problem because the very platforms keeps the gambler always on top of teh situation and can hence remedy a miss due to disconnect or other streaming troubles.

My team members have learned to pick the best casinos online for their personal game and stick to them learning the pros and cons of each casino. Hence they limit the disturbing EI effects to a minimum and can focus on the game at hand.

And yes, I always record or have a SNAGIT image capture on one of my screens ready to take a image of the spin number ID which I can provide if the score board pulls up a number that doesnt match the wheel number in the Casino wheel (happens sometimes at Active gaming, never at evolution games). That way the support can instantly per email process my complaint and credit my account if they see the error.

I hope this helps you in your endeavour.

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I am not trying to throw a monkey wrench into this whole thing but just sharing a piece of information that I have come across over the years.  Obviously if this only occurs at the heavily congested casino and nowhere else, then it wouldn't apply to you.

Your ISP should also be available to discuss your internet connection at specific dates/times and run tests with you to show the stability of your connection.

Chances are this information is uselsss to you but I thought I would mention it anyway.  Of course being 100% hardwired is essential.


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@ sputnik
in 2018 you announced alreadyyou new bet and selction strategy of Ching ling?

What is this new strategy ?



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Well, some posters had success with the original, but I could not duplicate the same success using FTL variants.
But the value in the 76 pages is not only that he won 30.000 Euro, but others who also reveal success after he's writing about that method.

Then you have to camps, the no sayers and negative punters and real-life examples with punters making money using that particular method.
I decide to believe in the last one and from that moment letting my complex thinking come to solutions by itself without searching each day.

I learn that sometimes I come up with one idea and it fails and sometimes I come up with another idea that makes the first one workable and to continue has present during the thinking process as it contributes something of value.

Now my personal belief is that I find a better and more accurate selection than the original method.
Combining two playing models into one selection by Marigny Grilleaue.

I have made 20 videos to explain the selection and send them to one person, Jimske.
Was going to send the videos to Stratege, but he's inbox is full.

There are two reasons why I select them, Jimske doing several tests and report back.
Stratege can add valuable information on a particular solution with big knowledge about Marigny De Grilleuas work, so I get some value in comments from him.

The difference is that I get something in return for sharing and not give away something for others to play without putting in the effort to improve, tweak or announce weakness or something else of value.
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@ sputnik
I think is a good idea to calculate the statistical ecart on the intermittences and the series of the EC's .
I have the book of Marigny de Grilleau from 1922. Le gain scietifique d'une  seule unité .The progression of ching ling with his 74 pages on the other forum gives opportunities to have a regular win.
Have a nice WE
32°C in Belgium; 8)


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Sputnik, I emptied my mail. Thank you for your latest messages. ;)