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B&M Casinos in Sweden
« on: August 22, 2019, 10:04:16 AM »
"Svenska spel" runs the casinos there. I have visited the landbased casinos in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. You must be 20 years or more in order to come in. TIME is still important. I am an early riser, so I enjoy the early opening hours there. In Gothenburg I am able to walk directly from the morning ferry from Denmark to CASINO COSMOPOL. Around midday, before checking in at the hotel,
I stored a few suitcases at the casino. I had to assure the staff that I was not moving in. There are many rules and regulations in Sweden. Did I have any food in my suitcases? I had to admit that I had a few pears. Found them and offered them to the staff. They are not, however, allowed to receive anything!  And they don´t beg for tips. And prostitutes don´t dominate in there (Swedish Laws, you know).

In July this year the touchbet roulette was still completely separated from the table roulette.
When I visited them again in August, the table roulette and the touchbet roulette had  finally been connected. Modern Times!

I witnessed how some Experts from the staff got access to the airball Machinery, lifted the roulette Wheel, and made some adjustments. Obviously some guests had won to much.


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Re: B&M Casinos in Sweden
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The Swedish Chef likes playing hot numbers! :D
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Re: B&M Casinos in Sweden
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It is hands down one of the best Casinos in Europe. For the professional player it (in my case Casino Cosmopol Stockholm) is basically a small paradise as all pay outs are government guaranteed with no upper limit in winning on an open table. Pay outs are immediately handled with account transfer for larger sums (>€ 20,000) and cash for smaller winnings <€20,000.-

I personally sat at the highest min 100 SEK roulette table where a guy earned little over 2,500,000 SEK (€250,000) on a very lucky evening just playing the hottest sectors of the wheel betting around €2-3,000 on 10-12 numbers on each bet.

When he was satsified over his impressive pile of chips he just winked at the pitboss who sent him an assistant that without blinking collected the winnings and took it to the Cashier. We all laughed and continued play like nothing strange had happened except a few comments on the man´s luck.

I always smile when I read some amateur noob writhing his hands over how much he can win in a casino before they kick him out, dreaming of his system might be too much for the Casino at hand  ;D

 A pro never has any such concerns because he finds out first of all who owns the Casino and what the max bets are at the best table. That gives him a hint about what is possible and most probable.

here are the min max bets on all roulette tables

divide all amounts with 10 if you wish the Euro equivalent (or approx US$)

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