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Been doing some BOOM! sniping on a DZ with success.  What is weird is that so far, I am seeing Dozens play just like a DS does; the max I have seen a DZ hit in a row is 25 times.

Just to get some perspective on this, a DZ can hit 82 times in a row within 5 spins, so I should expect to see 40 in a row somewhat regularly but so far I'm not. :'(

The base progression is:

1 1
2 3 4

costing 11 units with a 85.91% chance of a hit.

Funny an EC costs 15 units to run 60 (actually 72) numbers but a DZ only 11.  So I guess the combination of the extra 12 numbers and higher percentage chance to hit (93%) make it worth the extra 4 units?

The next bet after a DZ misses is 3 units, which is still only 14 units and 72 numbers bet -- barely less expensive and the chances of hitting are still only 90.48% and at that point the divisor is 2. :shrug:
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