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How To Keep The Bets Low As Possible
« on: August 09, 2019, 08:05:13 PM »
Here is how I feel:

So, this question by Talos IS of course the secret to his system.  If we figure this out, we figure out how his system works to produce non-stop winnings (with labor of course).

Now, my latest thoughts are that this is a TRICK QUESTION.

Disclaimer: Talos does not try to trick us but he does try and hide his secret from being out in the open.

The reason it would be a "trick question" is, if the answer is to increase one's selection, which then increases the number of hits and the total numbers bet, which THEN results in an indirect lowering of costs, we would then discover that it is quite a bit of misdirection.

I am posting this because this idea is in my mind and I don't have the time to test it and tweak it because I have to make money.  Here is how it would go:

We bet all the way from the EC's to a DS, with a 1% of the bankroll cap on all bet amounts.  The next bet would force us into betting a Quad but instead we split the bets between the DS and a Quad, loading the extra cost (the bet amount above the 1% cap) onto the Quad and starting a new session with the Quad.

EXAMPLE: The bet called for on the DS by the ratio, is 16 units, which is 2 units above the 1% cap and would thus require us to move inward and bet a Quad.  Instead we bet 12 units on the DS, continuing its session and bet 2 units on the Quad, starting a completely new session, from scratch (0:60) on the Quad.

So let's go through some scenarios:

The DS hits: So now we have bet not 6 numbers but 10 and have achieved a 62 unit profit, to boost.  Chances are we can now close down the Quad and bet the DS again, within the 1% cap.

The Quad hits:  Here again, we have bet 10 numbers and have achieved a small profit of 4 units, which advances the numbers bet counter for the DS and keeps the session at scratch for the Quad.  Chances are we can lower the bets slightly.

Neither hits: So now both numbers bet counter go up by 10 and the bet amounts are re-calculated.  At some point, as this continues, it may be necessary to open up a new Quad as well.

Essentially, this is a way to increase our selection while keeping the costs at the lowest point and not needing to bet less than a DS.  Our chances of hitting go up during the process and the bet selection counter is accelerated on our main DS bet, which will naturally lower the costs as the divisor increases more quickly.

Talos said he got his secret idea from business and in my mind, this is like owning a laundry business that is failing (say due to local construction) and in order to defray the  costs, a new laundry is opened up in another part of town until the construction is finished.

I fear this thread is simply going to die but at least I was able to publish my thoughts and can look them up later. :D

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Re: How To Keep The Bets Low As Possible
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  Third, I think that a way to lower betting is yes, having a target, but the betting dont have to be just the target itself. if I want to reduce my betting and lets said that my target is DS 1-6 , I like to start betting a unit on low, ec, right of way. I can hit a lot of low numbers until I hit my target.
if I hit my target 1-6  right of way, true I wont be getting as high of a return because I get paid less on the low ec, but if the goal is to keep bets and even know my target is a ds but I bet a ec ,it is the same as if I am betting a ds with much lower bets value.
all I would have to do is "decide" which ds is my target even know I am not betting it . but of course if I am losing the ec bets I then will regress the field, not by changing the target but by perhaps betting a dozen which includes my target bet. what is crucial to me is that I am "buying spins" at a much lower cost and keeping my betting as low and as long as I can.
so yes I am using the act of clustering my target into a larger field and even know I dont bet the target at first there is no law that said I cant just place a small unit bet on it if i would really wanted to.
the Target can just be included in the betting but does not have to be bet .
hope that was not too confusing,

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Re: How To Keep The Bets Low As Possible
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Not confusing at all!  I have moved towards this method of betting, I guess we can call it a "parachute methodology" and the reason you stated, about buying the numbers bet at a lower cost, is exactly the reason I am doing it!

The Talos system is definitely based on this and the benefits for long sessions is exponential!