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Hacked Password
« on: August 05, 2019, 12:02:43 AM »

My logic & common sense tells me. I already know answer here so I guess looking for solid reassurance & peace of mind. In theory if someone manages to acquire your password for your online casino.And say you have a balance of $15,000. The worst that any hacker can do is play pretending to be you right and bet your funds away.

Because they would be unable to neteller,bank transfer,or any of the various other withdrawal methods available unless using account holders name.. Is this 100% correct.There no viable option to creatively withdrawal any other way without using account holders name, right?  Thanks In advance -)
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Re: Hacked Password
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 I have a very good advice.

 First you change password to a very strong password and don't auto save it with your web browser.
 Then you write down the password in two notebooks and keep them on two different secure locations using pen and papper.

Step two, go to the casinos setting and pick two way indentification, this way you need to get a mobile sms with a second code to open and acces your casino account.

This should make it pretty secure.
The password can not be find on your computer and only present when you entering it with https protection.
But if the hacker would find out some how he would need to call your phone operator and close your phone account and recive a new phone card with your number to get acces to the sms code to acces your account.

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Re: Hacked Password
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Strong passwords will contain a strong mix of upper case, lower case, numbers & symbols.  Microsoft recommends using a sentence that you like and converting it, for instance:

I love roulette profit

would become:


which can be more easily memorizable and thus obviate the need for a written copy.
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Re: Hacked Password
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I don't know the answer to your question. It might be possible to change Neteller account, but I'm not sure.It always helps to use a reliable casino company. Royal Panda is reliable IMO.
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Re: Hacked Password
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2019, 07:52:26 AM »
A good password will not be hacked, if it is not stored at a insecure place. In the brain is the best. The danger is the password to your email account, as if any have a lot of passwords, and the email is hacked, most of the time we can  use "forgot password" and get an other.  The pin at the credit card is 10000 combinations, and it is enough for the banks. A strong password is far more.

Do not store it complete at one place, store it  hidden in a way it is hard to find out, like a long roulette session, there you know the entry, and each 8 colors are binary data and ASCIIs. There are a lot of ways.

The email account must be strong protected, and use free email dedicated for password for free membership, do not mix important  password at the same email account as for example bulletin boards.

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Re: Hacked Password
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2019, 08:28:52 AM »
Great response fantastic answers :) . Prevention seems be the best cure from what yours saying in this situation. Sms tied to the two security checks available as far as know I don't think thats available. That would be much better if could. Password idea's are very good

As you brought up the need to use forget password option to get it with my email makes sense from hack point of view. Done more research in account and these are only methods withdraw,paypal,webmoney,yandex,visa qiwi wallet,bank cheque,bank transfer,pingit, eco,trustly, and just realised neteller is restricted for my country.

I know the deposit method is usually my visa,So I always just reverse withdrawal so assuming it would perhaps cause I small flag if used another online method. Combined logic reasoning is that each withdrawal method is tied to my name obviously.

Eliminitating the ease to get my password best can do and gave me great tools to do that. and worst they can do somehow is play lose my balance unless they want to win me some funds,ha -)) Many Thanks helpful advice awesome 8) 
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