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@ Scepticus
« on: August 04, 2019, 01:59:05 PM »

 @ Scepticus

 Scepticus, I have a long term winner for Dutching football's score market with a small edge.
 Now I discover that I can use the same method for Horse races and Greyhound among other sports on the Betfair exchange market.

 Now I assume you are from UK and I need to talk to you about this method because I want to use the UK horse race market.
 Two reasons, offering the races on Betfair and there is a website with the live TV of each race so you can follow the action live.

 I need to talk with you about sensitive details about the method and discuss a trading approach during the race.
 Could see Betfair offering (Livebetting) and that is just awesome.

 The thought is to use this as the main core method for daily income and quit working.

 Cheers Patrik


Re: @ Scepticus
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Hi Patrik
I am retired so no need to quit my day job !   :D
Also, I don't fancy sitting in front of a TV and computer for any lengthy time.

Your approach is interesting but not for me .  Thanks
 My interest in horse racing is to use a methodical approach emulating the Professinals' approach. Many factors but I rely on the stats of others to help me.  So far it looks good but I am a low stakes recreational player with no desire to become Professional  !  ;D
Thanks again.