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Thomas, I think you stepped over the line here. I feel Dobbelsteen's posts are truthful and he has no need to try and discredit anyone to prove his point. But we have a history, don;t we?


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We will see different design of the roulette tables. On line we have some already, despite what some Wikepedia Parrots think.

Tijdens de ‘Sixth Annual Gaming In Holland Conference’  op 13 en 14 juni in de Hallen aan de Hannie Dankbaarpassage 18 te Amsterdam, vindt de lancering plaats van de  Dutch Roulette Table®. Gaming In Holland biedt Dutch Roulette Design op deze expo-beurs een platform aan om dit product te introduceren. Waar wij hun dankbaar voor zijn. Officiële presentatie zal plaats vinden op 13 juni om 12.45 uur op de stand van Dutch Roulette Design.

I know the name of the inventor, all I say he is 82 years old.
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Re: The Crystal Roulette
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"Inventor"? My ass. He is nothing but a cheap dutch scammer trying to sell a repackaged version of something designed a long time ago but abandoned.

The article you refer to is nothing but a 2nd rate promosite for Dutch online Casinos and events in Holland. Basically a Dutch casino portal roulette site.

If you read the what is written there carefully, there is only a hope Mr Jaap Boumas "design" will hit, once introduced at June 13-14 Gaming Convention this year. His "invention" could then be found at a tiny stand inside Hallen at Hannie Dankbaarpassage 18 at Amsterdam.

I know that nothing, of any importance, actually happened. No larger Casino group announced any interest for this rip off, nor did our dear Dobbelsteen sign any million Euro contract or contracts.  When the convention was over, he had a few phone numbers and a lot of courtious but fake "sounds interesting" nods and so on, but eventually packed up with his son, and once more, went home empty handed. ;D 

If anything had happened, or was about to happen it would certainly be huge news here:

For those who are curious for more info on this Dutch joke, read here

or the google translation if you don´t read Dutch.
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Re: The Crystal Roulette
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Only a comparative few need the dealer to place his bets so the Dutch Table is of no benefit for most players .  The present  table is simple enough for anyone   to understand so why change it ?  I see no merit  in changing  it ." Much Ado About Nothing "  !
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