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How to choke a street?
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:12:39 AM »

How to choke a street!

I got more than 55 spins before the first hit, and they become
not better until some hundred spins. Still it could be managed.
In extrem a street can sleep long, well over 100 spins.
The method in use:

On chip on a street for 10 spins.
If one hit in 10 spins stay on the bets.
If no hits increase the bet using Fib.
If two hits in 10 spins decrease one step.
If three decrease two steps (use to be new high here).

We can play it using positive progressions as well
Then we bet the same until a hit, and increase by fib.
The method then use to be ended well, as soon we got a few
close to each other.

We need some bullits, so use low roller table with some spreed.
There are casinos allowing 1 to 30000 on a street.

Using 0.01 or 0.10 chips, a win can go beyond 10000 in one day.

AND IMORTANT!! We can lose in very rare but expense cases.

A famous German player known from many fora used negative progression on streets
without decreasing, fib up every ten spins until plus,
went very long, tens of 1000 chips winning before the bust, of all.
He went to table limit of 30000 in stake. As I know he started with 100 Euro.
He false believed a street can not sleep over 90 spins.


Re: How to choke a street?
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Poor guy.

99.95314025878906  90 = .9995314025878906 = 0.0004685974121094 = 1:2133 coup attempts

The max expected loss, once in a lifetime event, I simulate as 161:

99.9999237060547  161

Where on the 162nd spin, the street will hit.


Re: How to choke a street?
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2019, 01:27:34 PM »
I did not lose, just such a things can happen, for some not so often, but I can do 4000 spins a day.  I have seen 140 miss on a three numbers. many do not see it as they only check theire play. If you have a computer aid, you will see it happens more often, may be not on your bets.  We have allways 100  sleepers on single, but if you just check, your winning streak, there are others, may be 500 or more away.  This is not any strange, happens very often.


Re: How to choke a street?
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I have done 4000 spins once in a single session.  I don't really think about how many spins I do in a day, with multiple sessions.  I am always looking to end games as soon as possible.  Its true, we have real power being able to spin so many times.  We see things that many people don't realize exists!


Re: How to choke a street?
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Once when I got 1001 sleep on a single I did play, I could handle it.  I was back 1001 units as the progression were positive (In money 10 Euro about). It took  a few days to recover and win.  No good pay for the time used, but I could defeat the beast. As that do not happen often, we focus on "BEAT THE BEAS" and do not care so much on the time needed.
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Re: How to choke a street?
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Ya you ARE the grinder!  ;D


Re: How to choke a street?
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Yes I do not relay of gambling for food!  I like it and got  6428976 units which is about the same in SEK (0.1 Euro).

I grind some of my time, and are in the hole sometimes, and lose sometimes, but the all over is not bad.  I spend sometimes a day to recover, and it can happen I got a good day  1000 Euro or more.   They use to ask me about bet selection, and my answer is I do not have it, I do not relay of pattern or triggers (as I know, I may be influenced of the history unconcerns).  I know the stat, and that is important, but will by it self not make a winning.
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