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The security of a single chip
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The security of a single unit.
A unit is placed on the betting felt with great odds against it, 36 other numbers are competing in the same spin to be the winning number. The single chip you placed on the betting felt has a greater chance of success if it has allies that reduce the opposition to a degree. The single chip may not be successful but an ally may secure the win for all chips exposed in the battle.
In play, a player normally has an idea on one number in a clump of numbers that may be successful in the next spin. It may be a dozen bet with one number taking the prize. If this is the case then our single destined to win unit will have eleven allies in support of the victory. We test extensively and reduce our attack to random by following the free casino gift of easy bet selection on the felt. If we select 12 numbers with a possible win then we definitely want to be able to select worthy allies for our champion chip. How do we do this? The battleground is the wheel and the felt is the hindsight “if only” punishment we lambast ourselves with.
Every chip in your pile has value and as a player it up to you to ensure the security of every single chip. There should be no collateral damage with a “just wing it” attitude. Make the value of every chip count by aligning it with strong allies. “United We Stand” is a slogan that comes to mind. If you need to cover 20 numbers to win 16 then it is still a success but what do you do when you bleed with failure? A battle lost and twenty chips reduced to nothing. Seek revenge, some would say, double the forces and push forward… This is when you should draw back like Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings and allow the dead to conquer Paris.
What I’m trying to present is the value and security of a single chip. It should reflect your approach in total. I see too many players bet on number 20 as a sure winner but in the bushes wait potential allies; the 14, 1. 9, 31, 22, 33, 16, 24 and so on, are all strong contenders for the prize. The middle dozen gives you five options including the twenty yet you are content with wasting 7 chips scattered around the rest of the wheel. Is this your idea of security?
Do you plot spun numbers on the wheel? As far as prediction is concerned, I think this is an extremely important guideline when considering your next bet selection. The common problem with many methods is that parameters are too firm and bet selection is set in stone. Variance enjoys a mechanical method and will yield results as it sucks your chips slowly into the house coffin….lol
Triggers are great but there must be a value scale for these triggers that relate to current table trends. The aim in roulette to profit from as few spins as possible and at times a trigger will have you fighting a battle where there is none. It’s like pushing a spear into the bush hoping for a hit. Is it because you can’t accurately predict the next result? 80% anyone? 
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