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The Hot Curve Fitting Curse
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:48:14 AM »

Playing constantly the hottest numbers can produce absolutely tremendous results but the tail end of that strategy is to perform WORSE than simply staying on the worst selection on the board and betting nothing else.

Why does this happen?  It is because in order to play the hottest selection, we must switch selections as they in turn become the hottest.

This is hunting through the dark back alleys of roulette and by doing so we will discover ugly things that should not normally be seen.

It would seem that speed is the best target but as it turns out, with a long term view, consistency is actually better!

If we can identify the selection(s) that will not be the worst, it makes sense to play them.  If our system is properly crafted and roulette simply gives us expectation, we will win.

What difference does it make if we win faster or slower?
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