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Re: The dichotomy of losing
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Astutillo,  l have nothing in particular egainst you or anyone. I'm very thankful for this forum to give me new friends and colaborators. These few that decided to work make me continue to belive in people in general.
   I decided to stop offering vbschool because it is time and effort consuming to teach new people. I study other things myself now..  preparing to become a day trader. This and my family do occupy all the time l have available. 
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Re: The dichotomy of losing
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Do you not think you lose, in bad streaks, and progress like up on a lose, until you are broke?  We  can catch up in  several or many spins, and use the good streaks.   Losing is something happens to all, the thing is to not be on the road to take it back fast by risking all. If you have a bad day, understand that and break.  Do not give history a s***, it works only by a few not balanced wheels, and then use it as "AP". I am a system player, knowing it can fail. I have won a lot anyhow.
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