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Author Topic: Anyone know about JohnHuxley counter measures against signature tracking?  (Read 1089 times)

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I've seen a few things recently at my local B&M casino. Such as the ball seemed to be weighted off balanced and seemed to hover around the rim quite a bit before dropping. Also have seen what appears to be an some type of electronic kick that speeds up the rotor and when the ball starts dropping and thus when the ball hits the frets it blasts and picks up speed and keeps going. Anyone know about non data related counter measures they use against dealer signature tracking?
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Now that you start to look where it matters, would you consider to take some data to figure it out by yourself?
 BTW. .  It's normal what you see. That's a common problem on Haxley. 
 P.S. l wouldn't play ds with light ball,unless.. 
    Probably you shouldn't either.


Blue22, are you sure you werent betting on a Cammegh wheel? If so, what you saw was the most recent fad among most Brittish Casinos (and an increasing amount of Casinos in the rest of EU) - RRS, or, Random Rotor Speed in action combined with a Starburst like ring (Huxley patent) allowing the ball to roll extra long and irregular before falling into a pocket. I can understand your frustration.

A RRS wheel can be revealed by just observing the rotor speed that changes speed randomly during ball deacceleration. RRS- once it was patented (hence verified as a viable technology) was accepted by the European Gaming comissions , whose directors are all in the pockets of the gaming industry. An industry I might add that makes 100s of billions in yearly turnover (much like US SEC directors being in the pockets of Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley in the financial industry).

This "silent agreement" and approved RRS technology offers the Casinos many possibilities to game manipulation at will. There has lately been additional tech that increases their edge, like wheel start via internal start engine activated by a simple pressure of a button by the Dealer (Cammegh/Huxley), and to me recently revealed, only by rumor and no actual proof so far, yet via a good friend and expert on B&M roulette in Macau - Wheels with attached RNG predeterminators, where the wheel via magnets is guiding the ball to the predetermined number generated before the wheel started spinning, and so on.

If it really was a TCSJohnHuxley wheel, you probably witnessed their famous and latest invention, the Starburst Separator Ring in action.
It makes the ball behave really strange and according to their claims, it has statistically proven to be more random than any ordinary wheel. (read between the lines, it has proven to make life more difficult for AP & VB players).

Their ACCULEVEL tech allows any dealer present at their wheel, re-calibrate the wheel on the fly, without the need to adjust electronic winning number reading devices. But with this tech it can also be used in very dishonest ways favoring a temporary losing table in Casino.

Their Saturn wheels have a patented Drop Zone Detection that reports on non-random results and bias caused by inaccurate wheel balancing, at least that is what they claim in their fancy tech documents.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist of it.


Here is some nice reading should you like to update your info on the latest technologies.
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 I find it fancy when folks speak things they have no idea.
  "Latest famous invention" is as old as l am in the game. All time l remember myself playing, these wheels been around from very start. It's one of best things they invented so far and it's dying tech... simply do not serve purpose of randomising. 
  Rrs is god sent help for roulette player, it serve as a demise only for weakling.  Do not serve purpose of randomising...
   Acculevel is another help from these guys.  All what it did up till now is to "fix " drop point.
  Weaklings look for exuses while real players prosper...  things are in normal order, l gess.
   BTW,  none of these will affect dealer signature, just help.
   Or ds players are not made as before or something other is going on..  probably they are not ds players, just bs tolkers in publick roulette forum? Copy- paste demn kings... shame.
  @ Kav, Reith ( third) ... l want my post to remain. I stand for every word with my pride and wallet.
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I stand for every word with my pride and wallet.

You are a very angry person, you know.

I cannot speak about your wallet because not I, nor anyone else here has ever seen it beyond your constant boasting of what it supposedly contains.

A real Player needs no wallet/account boasting. Whatever problems you have with yourself and your incessant superiority complex I suggest you tone it down a bit and present clear cut facts and arguments against a claim, and not your usual over-emotional outbursts supported by nothing but hot air.
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 Thomas,  obviosly you haven't seen my wallet.  You are not my student,  who is, they have seen.
  What's about my superiority?  Does it makes you feel uncomfortable?  Then suck it,  if yes, it should be for a reason.
   Hot air? If you could use Google for something else besides posting your assumptions on publick forum,  you would know when your " latest invention " was introduced .
    Besides learning to use Google,  l sudjest you bother to read what other people posting. Original qwestion was precise and didn't allowed for interpretations. It's not Blue22 who is wrong asking what he wanna know, it's you who is wrong thinking that way. Now... what exactly makes you to assume such a thing? Your complex of superiority, maybe? What it's based on exactly?  Copy/paste capability,  probably? Because your ability to read,  understand and answer qwestions is definitely below the average.


  What's about my superiority?  Does it makes you feel uncomfortable?  Then suck it,  if yes, it should be for a reason.

The expression I used does not mean what you wrote above - anyone with basic language skills should know that.

superiority complex


an attitude of superiority which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure.  (yes I had to copy and paste the thing to save myself some time)

Perhaps you get the point with that remark by now, or should I try making it even clearer?  8)

On this forum most of us know that your English is at a level of a child, and not a bright one to say the least. You are of Russian descent, and yet most Russians I know speak excellent English and express the language in writing  even better. You seem to have a sloppy approach to the language and its grammar and I suspect very much that a lot of what you do reflects that reality.

When it came to Blue 22 inquiry, I merely used parts and pictures of the two largest wheel manufacturers to answer his question.

It was simply an act of kindness and common courtesy, something a disturbed individual like yourself with extreme anger issues cannot comprehend. Consider this reply as an end of our discussion. I suspect you are drunk and angry as usual on anything  before you. This thread included.

Have a pleasant evening. Dobroy nochi.
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Thomas,  you "save" too much time wich you can't apply to anything useful.  Like reading what other people post, for example.
   For your info,  original post was about dealer signature and particular effect on haxley wheels that " affect it".
   You are not ds ( dealer signature) expert, so the post wasn't directed at you personally.  Yet you answered it in wird way, assuming that original poster has no idea what he posts!!!
   Let's be clear, your knowledge on roulette is next to nothing and you just pose around on public forum to pretend being something that you are definitely not.
   Btw,  " pleasent evening " and " dobroy nochi" has nothing to do with each other. Exact translation for what you posted is " good night", we say it when someone goes to sleep. It's not that you care or understand what you read here or on Google,  it's just to point out one more time that you have no idea what you posting about.


 Coming back to original post.. 
     Haxley wheels possess one problem in particular. Their central spindle is fragile to maintainance routines.  Rotor is very heavy and while putting it back in place , maintenance staff has to exercise extra care to not damage spindle with it. Even little strike with massive rotor head can put spindle out of alignment.  It's a common problem...
    When spindle  not aligned,  bearings on wich rotor head is rotating very quickly lose tightness fitt and provoke rotor head balancing  ( vobble).
Due to tilt being always present ( even 1 mm is relatively a lot), one part of rotor head becomes heavier then other, together with lose bearing it produces interesting effect... one part of wheel ( numbers) may travel more quick then other under common drop point( points)... it's a very powerful sorce of bias.
    Rotor having "alternating" speed due to effect is a sorce of mistakes in rotor speed estimations and it affects player calculations big deal. It produces effect spotted by Blue22.  If ball drops on acceleration faze of rotor moviment , it may behave strange.
    Good dealers are trained to use this effect to casino favor. Changing type of ball throw can greatly extend dispersion of distances observed by ds or vb player. Sector shooting becomes more easy as well if ball scatter is studied for the purpose.
     On wheels with this effect wrong type of ball is often used to minimise affect of bias. For example use of heavy Teflon ball on very low profile wheel is signal that effect of rotor vobble is strong and casino knows it.


@Blue,  if you can be bothered to take some data on it to figure it out, you know where to find me. I'm still friendly and like to discuss problems related to the wheels and possible solutions. 
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