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Re: 4 Wheel Segments - An Idea.
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Micky P you did a mighty job with your coloured felt. The colours give a very clear picture how the numbers of the wheel are spread over the table. This is the reason that there were 4 croupiers needed to serve the players. The colours are a very useful tool to place the chips on the right numbers of the sectors. With the colours you can see easyly the combinations with splits , corners and staight numbers.

Wagering on the sectors and neighbours is a very popular game. The problem is, that you must bet on staight numbers. The risk is much  bigger than the wagering on the outside bets
It  is also much more difficult to develop a system with a strategy

My solution is the Dutch tables. I am trying to start a pilot project in a B&M casino in the Netherlands .I am also looking for a partner in Europe and America  for pitching the tables. The models are saved by copy rights.
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