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Third / Reyth,
Here is the best part about what you said in regards to playing ec's .......
" it's very simple and I would love to improve. "

Look man, I've watched your YouTube videos, and unlike the other players that are watching and have no clue about what they are looking at let alone what you are saying, I actually watch the marquis.
That's the main objective.

No offense, but I could care less about your methods / straight up numbers. If it works for you, bonus!
What I do care about is watching your game while I play MY METHODS over the top of your spins.
I watch betting opportunities slide right on by you, pure profit, down the crapper.
This tells me your short game could use a bit of attention. ( I'm trying to be kind ) where the ec's are concerned.
What I take out of watching the results, are that the flow of the results seem normal ( fair ).
I couldn't swear to it unless I Saw actual money laid on my methods to see if the RNG would bone me.
But as a voyeur I would be topping off my stack, with some extra goodies.
Help could be applied and you WOULD make more moolah.

Best, juice