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Re: Simplicity.
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On internet there are pRNG roulette games with a practice mode to research your system. The obligation of betting you can evade by betting the smallest unit on red and black. Play ,when possible ,always the French roulette with La Partage.
The zero is a huge advantage playing SSB with La Partage.
When you play flat your system, one unit profit is a large profit. Start every session of 7 again after a positive result. Do not stick in close sessions o7
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Re: Simplicity.
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Thanks dobbelsteen - very useful information.
One thing - yes there is practice mode with a free bank of 1000 units but I think I once read somewhere the practice mode is not the same thing as ‘real money’ roulette. I.e. you will win more more easily in practice mode. Any truth in this?


Re: Simplicity.
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Hey dude don't trust rng roulette cuz in real life u 'll see totally different outcomes rng roulette is a joke when u play for fun .
. seems u win whatever u do , when play for real miserably!!!
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there is no evidence the RNG in the practice mode are manipulated. If, then the play for money can be manipulated also. There is no difference between live and RNG roulette. In general every thing can be manipulated on internet. The software has no boarders. Basically I do not trust internet.
All my research I have done with the pRNG from Excel.

My videos on YouTube are all played with RNG roulette in the practice mode. I do not try to proof my systems are profitable.The videos show how systems be played.

my answer is, there is no truth!
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Re: Simplicity.
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[quote author=MickyP link=topic=2795.msg47148#msg47148 date=1558870557]

"Pattern Play" is indeed as old as the game and it can be very profitable at times but it can also leave you high and dry.

Winning at certain times and losing at other times does not bring any constructive element to the discussion.

The formation of triggers is based on patterns,

The Jamndy game has no trigger (a trigger is a signal to play, which comes at an indefinite "x" time), the mirror game works with cycles, no triggers!

even the law of thirds is based on a pattern over 37 spins.

A law is general, the law of third is not limited to 37 spins, otherwise it would be called the "law of 37 spins." But why speak of "law of the third" in Jamndy's discussion?

The EC pattern register is, I would say, the most common and well used pattern second to the law of thirds. Repeat numbers are based on patterns.

There is confusion between a type of probability (18 / 37) and a law. No player puts a chip on the law of the third !

When you are advised not to look at patterns then what is the alternative? AP, but even with AP, bias is identified by a pattern of hits above expectation on certain numbers or small segments of the wheel.

Hot zones on the wheel are identified by concentrated hits in segments of the wheel over short number sequences, a pattern.

Why this discussion ?

The Dozen Drive and Palestis Single Dozen System are based on trigger patterns.

My advise Jamndy, is to look at how "Pattern Play" is used in other methods and study the use of patterns in developing your game. A good starting point is to study the formation of Palestis triggers (xxy, xyx, yxx) in his single dozen system. This will give you the opportunity to move away from EC bets to Dozen bets.

Going from 18 to 12 numbers does not change things like magic (psycho-magic belief !) In the minds of those who only play a few numbers SU, reducing the list will make sense, it is determining the accuracy of his game With EC or dozen, the accuracy is elsewhere. It’s the one to determine the best time to play.

It's necessary that the players, of the straight up, stop talking about EC or dozen and column without understanding this great difference.

MickyP's "Dozen Drive" is a copy of the dozens of HarryJ, palestis and other members. Without all these members, MickyP could never have copied. Moreover, his last improvement of "Dozen Drive" is the "unreal bet" (something that palestis had added to his game)! It's better that MickyP stays on the straight up, without occupying an unknown terrain, (speaking with the words of the authors of the forums). But the problem is that on the SU, he will have difficulties, to open a discussion of a good level, I mean without repeating the other members.

Yet he claims to have turned losing methods of this forum into winning methods! It is this discussion that MickyP can bring here or elsewhere !

I hope this helps. Good luck.
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Re: Simplicity.
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A law is general, the law of third is not limited to 37 spins, otherwise it would be called the "law of 37 spins."

I love this quote, thanks! :D
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Patterns and numbers have in common, they have a statistic occurrence chance. In a random sequence the number of occurrence will fluctuate. In a short session the  fluctuations are violent. There is a never ended imbalance. The player uses this imbalance as a strategy.
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Re: Simplicity.
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The law of the third is based on mathematic. See the explanation of the coupon theory by Bayes. A long time ago I did the computing for my SSB principle. A 10 steps SSB has 512 patterns. After 512 trials 157 patterns has not fallen. For all the 512 patterns you need about 2700 happenings.
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Re: Simplicity.
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There  is no " Law of the Third " in Mathematics . It is an observation  -  that there are about 12  numbers that do not appear in any 37 spins.  Hence  the " Law of the Third " .
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"SIMPLY - look at the last seven numbers which have appeared.
Look at these with the view it is a pattern of 7E.G. last 7 numbers were in terms of colour -BBRBRRR

NOW BET ON THE NEXT SEVEN NUMBERS WITH ONE UNIT WITH EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE TO THIS PATTERN OF SEVEN WHICH HAS JUST CAME OUT.This means you will bet seven ONE unit bets on this opposite pattern -  We will call this a session."
Quote from the opening post.

PMS, are you here to play follow the leader or discuss roulette? Hahaha.
The system plays the opposite of a pattern (7 EC bet). What sort of images do "Mirrors" normally reflect? (RoLF) It does not play mirrored opposites!

Read up on the law of thirds relevant to roulette and you will find what I said is in the definition or explanation. It is average results from a 37 spin cycle.

If you want to tail me and try and rubbish my posts then at least make an effort.
As I have said before, Go out and play roulette then come back and share your adventure.
If you really must write another sermon then please explain, in your own words, what a winning method is and what a losing method is. Thanks, it should a blast to read.
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Re: Simplicity.
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MickyP, please do your homework before you ridicule Stratege.

The name Mirrors is indeed correct, it was coded few years ago by Storm on RX, named Mirrors.

It was posted by user BlueAngel few years ago as Possible Holy Grail on r30 forum, now RouletteLife.

This shows how much you really know about roulette. I've followed you since you've signed up here. A suck up to seasoned players.

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Re: Simplicity.
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RRBRRBBBRBR... The mirror of this sequence is... RBRBBBRRBRR.
RRBRRBBBRBR... The opposite of this sequence is ...BBRBBRRRBRB

Two very different results.

The original (first post of this thread) talks about betting on opposite of the pattern. There is no mention of MIRROR in the system explanation.

Godfrey, I think the forum is your hobby. What have you contributed? NOTHING. I have and do contribute to robust discussions on the forum AND I play real roulette (B/M tables) for real money. I make a living from ROULETTE!
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Re: Simplicity.
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I do not wish to discuss this further with you, all you want is to claim how good you are bla D bla. You are professional, you make a living roulette, you are one of the best contributors here in the forum. So good for you.

Your understanding of roulette is rather rudimentary.

You do not need to make any claims to me. I do not need to be a forum hero unlike some.

Ps : The forum is your hobby, were you referring that to yourself? Most laughable part of your post.
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Re: Simplicity.
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Yup! Best you shy away.

Next time get your facts in order before you start beating your drum.


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Thank Godfrey for having confirmed the term "mirror" which has been used for a very long time, and in different countries. MickyP still confirms his status. I correct his new bad explanations. When we look at the image of a person in a mirror, the right (for the image) is actually the left (of the real person). No need to become a painter (artist) to understand that. The term "mirror" for the Jamndy pattern is correct, since it plays the opposite. To bring something new to Jamndy's discussion, the problem is that the identical pattern, and the opposite pattern, have the same probability of coming. The cycle of 128 possible patterns will give perfect equality in accounting, except that the zero will have eaten 2.7% of the units played. Using a progression increases the losses. I then present one of my old research hypotheses that I had improved considerably over time.


Note the spins of each session at the casino, this will be a sequel. Look fora pattern of about 20 spins with the strong dominance of a color. Looked in its history to find the last pattern with the same strong dominance of this color. Count the spins between the two patterns. If for example 108 spins, play the block of 20 spins in 108 spins. The deviance, in total about 40 spins may be sufficient to obtain a compensation effect. It is prudent in the 20 spins block to wait for a trigger and play up to 2 consecutive losses . In this case, wait for a new trigger and risk two shots, until the end of the block (or the beginning of the next block if the deviance is still strong, and continue the last block). Using the combinatory will find spins every day to play! Of course, it's better to do this with the "singles" and "series" figures. It's even more stable.
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