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Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Well.  My question has been answered . Thomas's students don't pay . Well done Thomas  ! for giving your  hard won technology fro free.   I think you mentioned " students" and Mr Perfect has " students " who pay him. I merely wondered if your students paid you .  I don't object to people charging for imparting their  knowledge - provided they get something DIFFERENT and worthwhile for their money .
Some in the forum have said that winning is Easy .I think they mislead newbies and that is clearly wrong .
I have already given my view on the Heading . I have Grown  and have stopped Evolving because I have a profitable method. So it is not me that does not know the meaning of the Heading .
The question you and my critics have  to answer is " Why should I try to " Evolve " further when I have  a profitable system "?  Where is the guarantee that I shall find a better system ?


Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Thomas , my interest to your platform is more excel related. I bother to optimise how software works hardwarewise as well, so your explanations about this part in particular are interesting as well. It's always interesting how a programmer achieve solutions to common problems.


Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Scep, I like the fact that your method allows you to reach a reasonable profit with a good protection of your BR. If this can be managed at any given game then you indeed should be considered a good player/developer/creator.

I suggest you deny yourself wasting energy on those who claim what you have to be insufficient. At least for themselves. I can assure you that many of them have nothing real to show for but empty claims and zero work behind the aforementioned.

There are good people here like you, Ignatius (who relentlessly strives to perfect his ideas of the ultimate system for himself), MrPerfect who generously shares his long time acquired Visual Ballistic knowledge and don´t take BS talk lightly, and a few more. These people are in a way the present backbone of this forum because they make the passive members who just lurk and read, to return again and again hoping to catch something of value.

I for one don´t have much time these days to come visit here as my own community takes a lot of my free time and my consulting job the rest.

Enjoy the days you can visit your local Casino and make those good bucks you need for the month or a nice weekend.
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Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Ok, MrPerfect, later this week when I find the time, I will put up a new topic about VRTech and lay out the basics of what it is, examples of the GUI a test pilot use and how it looks under "the hood" and the basic process to enable a real time sector prediction based on VRTech.

I will upload a certain amount of image caps too, to illustrate what is presented.
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Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Ahlidap, I'm happy that you found common ground with Thomas where you are able to put your skills to good use. I hope it works out well for you.

Thomas, it appears that Kav has no issue with your ethics so I'll close that issue but that doesn't mean I agree with how you go about things.
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Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Thomas,  as l told you before,  l have a very limited interest of what it is and what it does. Pictures of it can be somehow interesting, l already sou few..  it's many colors together .
    What can represent any value for me is technicalities .
    I can give you an example of what l consider such technicalities in my programs.  All pivot tables are auto expandable on demand , their length ( how many sells) is a named range . All named ranges are flexible due to this effect. It permitted to economise volume ( Mb) of the program while in storage.  Other example is that most of the logic is presented in the structure of the logic engines and not in its formulas.  I really prefer to use extra columns then extra formulas, wich is beneficial to economise RAM and processesor load.
   If l  post pictures or basic explanation of what it does, you and others would understand nothing useful,  especially from programming side of the phenomenon. 
   So..  allow me ,please, to see what l want or just keep it to yourself. 


Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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MrPerfect.  I understand. Well then I skip the post and arrange something more useful for you, personally. I´ll PM you for more info.
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Re: Growing/Evolving as a Roulette Player.
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Geez, I'm late to this topic. Most (not all) here, play roulette (B&M) as a hobby/part time, and message boards are their MAIN influence into the game. Myself, its the opposite. The message boards are nothing more than a hobby. Dont need them, they are pretty useless to me. Years ago? Different story.
Most here dont want to learn. Meaning what Ken? They have a PARTICULAR style they play and "their way" is the correct way. They have no interest opening their ears and CERTAIN other players are growing tired of this and posting less,,,,,,,myself, Mike, Turbo, Gizmo etc. etc. etc. Point being, I think our attitudes as of late, f**k it, just let you guys implode on yourselves. (lol). I lose nothing in my wallet watching you guys chase the second column with mild progression but only after the magical TRIGGER appears.

You guys (not all) are going in a never ending circle. It took some of you five years to DROP down from the ECs to column bets. Five years is waaaaay too long people. That should of taken six months (max) and then after that, dropping more and more numbers. A lot of you are following (like sheep) the wrong people here and they are leading you to the slaughter. Two very very very important points >>>> A) Your method must be PLAYABLE under all B&M real life casino situations. B) If you cant make a living from your method, then you have trash.

This thread is full of valuable information and I just had to highlight Ken's post because he states two points at the end of his post that should be the level that every player should strive for.
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