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Thanks Real.

I'm in Australia, BTW.

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After reading this thread, I'm going to open up an idea that goes right along with #3. I had planned to do this in a new thread but this seems like a good time to do so. My primary goal in studying gambling (and I've done a lot of it... from BJ, to Craps, to Roulette, to Horse Racing, etc and so on....) is founded on the principal that we're not in a sprint. Instead, we're running a marathon. That's just how I think. Others like to make the quick $$ and move on. I'm more the small but almost assured profit guy then call it quits and start again, doing it over and over.

My premise is based on this link:        compoundaily(dot)com.   (I'm too new, not allowed to post external links).
I'm in no way affiliated with anything to do with this site. I just like the fact I can experiment with different ideas, amounts, time limits, withdrawal amounts, etc and see what the final tally is. I've always been a good "list" type worker (I tell wifey to make lists of things she wants me to do and I can mark them off as I go, knowing the end is coming when I'm done), so this site gives me a roadmap and a goal to work towards. For example, if I start with a $200 B/R, and make a very modest 5% profit (only $10 at this level) then reinvest it, rinse and repeat for 120 days and I'll have almost $70k.

Now take note that this site is a "daily compound" site,  but it wouldn't necessarily take 120 days in gambling. That could easily be 120 sequences, doing maybe anywhere from 2 to 10 of these per (day, trip to casino, online, or whatever).  It just needs to happen 120 times, not 120 days.

This allows me to see exact numbers that I need to adhere to, allowing me to achieve my goals. It also allows me to see if I would be comfortable investing those kind of amounts to reach the numbers I'm wanting to gain. I mean, face it, when we get up to the bigger numbers, a lot of us might hesitate for various reasons. This site also allows me to get to a point where I'm comfortable, plus of course, a mere 5% (or 10% or 15%, etc) won't upset the casinos nearly as much. But you're slowly getting to where you want to go. The site lets you try out different starting B/Rs, time limits, etc. Hopefully, you'll see what I'm getting at here. I just would like to make a very small profit many times. Comments welcome, flame suit is on... :D CC

Take a closer look at number 3.  Does it say roulette systems?  How about progressions?
3. Don’t think the scrutiny is only on blackjack
All table games track black chips and higher denominations. They also count greens and reds, but not so carefully.  All table games have behaviors that are forbidden or in the gray area of unwanted but not illegal. Some casinos don’t want you setting dice in craps. Some of them don’t want you using visual ballistics or wheel clocking in roulette. Every game has weak points that can be legally exploited, and you shouldn’t imagine that the casino is entirely unaware. So be stealthy. Be cautious.  Above all, don’t be greedy. Win a reasonable amount and then quickly go. Don’t pile it up and dare the casino to identify you as an advantage player.- See more at:
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It doesn't matter if its 120 different days or all in one shot. Its the same, there is no difference.

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Correct. The number is irrelevant. 120 was something I picked out of the air. Everyone is different. I just like to be quickly in and out of my sessions. I don't have the time to sit around for long periods. The whole premise of my post was that site is able to visually show you what can be accomplished in a certain number of sessions based upon various criteria. Just hope it helps someone.


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CactusCat pointed out a sure way of generating an income (passive at first) from roulette.

What I have done is studied the approach to roulette play by some of the seasoned players on the forum through reading and understanding their game play through their posts and comments. This has helped me immensely in analyzing the risk-reward of the methods I use.

Scepticus has mentioned Risk-Reward many times on the forum and I agree that many players get in over their heads because they ignore this guideline. Losses must be easily recoverable and for this reason playing too many numbers for faster wins is not the way to go.

If you take what CactusCat mentioned and see the money that you have saved up for your roulette bankroll as "already lost" and can therefore not be touched then making good money is very possible. Here are a few steps to achieving this goal:
1. Save or put aside a decent bankroll for roulette. This money must not be touched for a predetermined amount of time, say one year.
2. Aim to win not more than 50% of that bankroll in a day at the casino. The win goal should be divided into sessions with an easy target relevant to the methods you are playing.
3. Bank your winning. Do not touch that money at all.
4. Use surplus wins on each session as a separate bank to deal with losses when they occur.
5. When you have made enough money, chip up and continue the process.
6. At the end of your working period you should have a healthy sum in the bank.

Building bankrolls is important as well. You could have a bad day and stray from your plan losing your entire bankroll so having reserve bankrolls gives you the means to continue with your plan.
Over the period of a year (example time frame I used above) with using good methods and sticking to your plan the wins should be greater than the losses by far.