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Re: Wheel 'Hot Zone' Identification.
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Sam I play my WAY finales method and this sequence would be quite profitable. Believe me focus at finales systems and u 'll not lose !
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Re: Wheel 'Hot Zone' Identification.
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Here's the problem I have with this type of analysis. Data is collected, categorized, and ultimately identified as hot zones, all done at the comfort of a computer.

The reality is the player is sitting at a live table. Of course, prior to sitting down to play, the player has to make quick analysis to determine what numbers to play, before they sit down and play. So, the player buys in and executes his strategy before the "no more bets" announcement is declared. The spin data comes in quickly and each time the player has to decide, in a few seconds, what to bet next, especially when the hot zones go cold.

Unless the player has a sure fire way to identify every single position of each number in relation to the wheel head, playing "Hot Zones" on a live situation will be somewhat of a challenge. When the player understands that hot zones are irrelevant, only then can the player be in tune with the nature of randomness. "Fixed" random selection is the key to beating roulette.

Greek, thanks for your opinion and I do agree with you that the situation at the table is very different; however, players have more time than just a few seconds to decide on their play. I'm talking B/M casino tables and not the fast paced spins linked to slot based screens where all the croupier does is spin the wheel over and over. On a real table the game is slower as there are players being paid out and others buying in. Many croupiers actually ask if they can continue with the next spin. Anyway there is enough time to analyse and work out your play. The wheel is what produces the winning numbers and in most cases the results are truly random but even random displays patterns. Lol, it's like looking at the ever changing patterns of a kaleidoscope. Eventually after looking at it long enough you begin to recognize patterns.
The big draw-down about players playing off the wheel is that they do not know the sequence of numbers around the wheel. Just by looking at a sequence of numbers I can identify hot zones because I know where the numbers sit on the wheel. I don't have to dot them off on a picture of the wheel.

I disagree with your statement in red above. You have more than likely looked at this thread briefly and because you don't look out for and use this "Hot Zone tool" yourself, you gave an opinion based on your own type of play. I have spent many many hours on this subject and roulette is littered with repetition. It has to be because it is a closed circuit of 37 numbers.
Playing hot zones as in this specific exercise is simply an exercise that invites all opinions including yours. This is NOT a method of play being discussed but it IS an exercise on analyzing hot zones and how best to use them or incorporate them in a method. If a number can repeat then why frown on repeating zones?

You know, I play different methods on an outing to the casino and on almost every outing I come across tables with trending hot zones. Take any sequence of 37 numbers and you will be able find playable hot zones. I also mentioned that there are other variables at play that influence hot zones like spin direction, croupier actions.... All these variables must be taken into account at the table

Sam, you link this exercise to the Alternative Dozen method and rightly so. If I was playing the Alternative Dozen method the hot zones that were identified in the first sequence of numbers would be expanded because we are only focusing on one dozen at a time (as a single game). I would use a wide range that runs from the top of the wheel to the bottom in the first sequence exercise.
The second sequence of numbers I posted has two thirds of the numbers in the top half of the wheel and that is where my attention would be. But if I was selectively playing a limited hot zone game I would play the top left as follows: Playing 5 numbers from 29 to 35.

7, 16, 25, 1, 35, 5, 34, 36, 35, 2, 7, 0, 25, 29, 33,7, 4, 22, 22, 6, 7, 20, 19, 28, 35, 4, 10, 26, 36, 17, 33, 25, 3, 6, 30, 0, 3,

Red 35, 7, 29, 7, this is four hits in 8 spins. My play would run for the three blue wins or maybe just to the 28. Now, if I expanded the zone by two number on both sides I would have won on the repeating 22 giving me three wins in 5 spins. I would have stopped play after the 7 hit or maybe after the second 22 depending on my session goal.

Pete funny how you picked up on "finals" as a method to play seeing as I suggested it to Roulette Man for a possible video. Do you really play finals? Hahaha, you're such a funny guy!
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Re: Wheel 'Hot Zone' Identification.
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Mickeyp here's my answer .. I track ..and play into too many events at the same time I can play even 5 different systems at the same time ! Can u do that ?


Re: Wheel 'Hot Zone' Identification.
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Hahahaha........HaHaHaHa...... Pete my boy; what are you on about?

So you can multitask, WoW! I always did think you were a bit of a screaming queen......HaHaHaHa

You made my day  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Re: Wheel 'Hot Zone' Identification.
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petespin I would love to know more about your finals methods.
Can you share in a new topic or in this:,2766.0.html
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Re: Wheel 'Hot Zone' Identification.
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Attached is an example I picked at random. Tracked and marked the first twelve spins on the wheel. Selected two hot zones and played both as independent games. I would normally only select one zone to focus on.
Both zones won on betting spins one and two. Game and session over in two bets and twelve numbers tracked.
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