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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Third, your pictures show what you should learn in the test phases. Real play should take place on the part of the wave or cycle that generates profit for the method.

What's the point of waves and cycles if you can't identify them in real play but only in hindsight?


Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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The only players who can play continuously are AP players because they have made prediction the core of their game. Where system players get caught by the black swan the AP guys just carry on reading the game to their advantage. I know the AP guys have their off times but their manner of prediction holds water.
  Not the fact. ..  AP , if he is good, will play only when game make sense. .. sometimes it simply doesn't.  I see no reason to play in conditions that was not profiled previously.  Simple example : new ball. If we do not know how it jump , we have no idea where to place bets. And jump is not the only thing we should know / profile there...
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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Thanks for the correction MrPerfect. When you do have the right conditions what stops you from playing continuously? Croupier change? Ball change like you mentioned? A pit boss showing too much interest in your play?

The point I was making is that the test phase should give you an indication of the limits of your method so it is not wise to simply play continuously when playing with real money.

Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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This is not true about trading, you need to have a very big practice experience to be able to win, and yes to know as well patterns, trends, a bunch of tools, specificities of the different currency pairs, .. but the big majority having all this just loose everything.. usually very quickly.
I personaly used Ishimoku, which is a system of it's own with candles and clouds, giving all the necessary informations, more than the traditional way. Ishimoku is the asian way, but it's more and more used in Europe and US. And the more it is used, the more ppl will make the signals accurate and improve it.

For my understanding, what is AP ? Is it those ppl trying to physically understand in what part of the wheel will the ball end ?


Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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I play continuously and enjoy it.

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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Shaldoryn,  mentioned above is exactly the reason why you are out of trading completely.  Soon you will be out of roulette as well. Same as markets,  roulette do not forgive limited understanding. 

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Oh, you actually know me to be that non respectful? Crazy!  ;D  Do you know there is a conditional form that you can use? Or, just asking..

I'm out of trading because it's a daily job and had not enough time to spend to it,
Second point because spend all your day watching graphs is super boring.. and yes, one minute of inattention and you can loose a signal. In the end, in demo mode I was doing quite ok, but like I said, it's always very dangerous, we play with big levers for the good and for the bad. A stop loss is also not a 100% garantee your position will be automatically closed at the desired price... meaning in a few seconds you can loose your bankroll of thousands of euros even if you played to win like 10-20 eur.
Third (3rd, not our Third lol), I'm indeed not for this kind of stress, but don't compare it with roulette, trading is many lvl's up.

How could I become out of roulette when I've actually never played roulette?
There is no "feeling the game" like in trading, search what makes the prices move and you will understand, maybe. Roulette is random and math. All other impressions, it's your human brain, nothing else. Or physical alteration.
If you think you win by "feeling" the game, then it's only about the success rate of your system and luck.. meaning if it's not a winning system, it's just a matter of time before you loose everything. It's not juging (like you permitted yourself to do), it's facts based on logic and math, something you cannot go against.
But yes, I heard stories with ppl playing all their life and by luck only, could avoid the bad streaks. For example the guy playing 1-2-4-8 then labby for just a few games every day or every week.

But what do I know with my limited understanding? 
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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
« Reply #22 on: May 06, 2019, 08:40:59 AM »,1256.msg18224.html#msg18224

Btw, you can look at all of that guy's posts because he doesn't have too many but he has alot of great ideas that maybe will help you get thinking in a stronger direction?
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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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This is interesting, but I've explored that myself a few years ago, also without success. I was charting the EC's, but never found any way to exploit the graphs, nor other ppl. Like the guy said, prices do have a memory, through ppl, witch doesn't exist for roulette, pure random every spin. This is the sad difference.
So eventually I abandonned that completely.
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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Shaldoryn,  as with everything in this world... you got to know things , if not trouble comes.
   To trade you need to understand where enter position, where exit, how to do both to keep max profit on average.
   Indicators doesn't really mean enything unless you understand them. Many of them mean nothing at all and have no bearing on the future. You either understand price moviments and underlie factors or you do not, there is no gray area. Money move price , not indicators, bars or line ... it's just a graph, no reason to get fancy about it. What matters is volume of orders and where big players take / drop positions.
   Anyone who understand stop orders will keep his time free of sitting there and watching graphs for hours. If you wanna be there without being there and watching, set up SMS service, you will be adviced when price is coming to desired value.
   I do not need to know you to judge your words, they are your true expression , right? My knowledge of what is possible there or not permit me to compare your words with reality. You didn't bothered to understand what moves price and how these who play the market operate.
    I can tell you how it was for me... l came to the markets with understanding of what l wanted to see there and how l wanted to operate. I didn't rely on my knowledge only... 
Then l took classes of real broker who operate huge money for other people to learn how big player think. Now l can trade just looking graphs and current orders. And gess what? Roulette, markets..  it's all the same underlying math. Same money management,  same ways to analyse.  Same need to develop strategy and make a home work.
   I do not desrespect you. You are just a nik on publick forum. However l comment on your words judging them by their nominal value.
You represent yourself as someone with understanding of forex , yet your words do not reflect this understanding. How should l treat your words? All rukie mistakes that everyone advice egainst..  that's what you did there according to your own words!!!
   What can be worst then scalping on forex with high leverage without understanding where to put stop loss and without respect for money management?  You are out of it for your own good. I give you credit for that. Well done.
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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Jesus !

yes you judge me, you basically say i'm so stupid in trading and that I know nothing. This is strange because when you speak I see that YOU don't know what you speak about at all. You say things that are just wrong.. Like what is this "how many points you know will show exactly how good/ what type of trader you are. "
You need to know theory just like for everything, but I saw a lot of traders knowing a lot loosing everything and quiting. I was exchanging with pros on some french forums, even via video calls, and learned many tips and tricks. The guy which I helped with the bot was a pro trader as well, living from that. I also learned a lot from that end.
The bot was scalping, i was in intraday mainly on M15 to find signals and on M5 or M1 to find the best moment to open the position. Mainly on the DAX.
Clearly you don't know about intraday at all with what you say. My positions they were open for minutes to max several hours, exceptionnally several days. Something that you also don't know obviously is that we rely on all the resistances, max and whatever other useful marks also from higher timeframes to define our objectives, from weekly to hourly. To go down to your level, this means that this is not random at all, even less when you know how powerful Ishimoku is. I also understand that you don't know how to work with different timeframes, when just to open positions, you need minimum 3.
OMG, since when is a stop loss 100% sure? It's just an order to buy/sell, and for this whn you reach that price, you need a buyer/seller. Even the basics you miss. You have different rules in a stop loss in case there is no ask/demand for that price, do you even understand them? Probably you pick default. With low volumes, it occurs. But also during events, and let me remind you a few years ago how many ppl lost everything on the forex because even the automatic stop loss at the broker didn't occur where it should have because of so much slippering.

There is definitely nothing in common between roulette and trading, you like it or not. The money management aspect yes, but to calculate the same things is way more complex in trading. Patience and stress resistance can be included too.

Who the hell chooses such a nick, mrperfect, this reflects obviously everything.
I will no more reply to you on this, this discussion is now just polluting the original post and I feel disrespectful towards the creator of it.

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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Behind MrPerfect nick is a simple guy who makes money on both roulette and trading.  It's simply what l do for living . Now, who are you and what is your occupation? 


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Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Just try to not appear as a smarta$$


Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
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Mr. perfect is really good at what he does and he takes everything so seriously; you know like driven to success and perfection.


Re: Why Do We Win Playing Roulette
« Reply #29 on: May 07, 2019, 09:09:51 AM »
Coming back to the topic. So why we win and when win itself is possible? 
   It's simple. We studied play opportunity,  created specific system ( rules to follow), tested it to achieve high confidence factor ( math limit ) and in play we follow our system, betting plan, rules..  ets.
   In this conditions we can expect reasonable results because we know what we do there.
Be it market, roulette, chess game, does not matter. We think first, then do.
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