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Humble Professionals; An Opinion...
« on: May 04, 2019, 12:28:27 PM »
MrPerfect started a thread about the value of money that got me thinking. My thoughts honed in on Dobbelsteen, DrTalos and Palestis. I know there are others but these three gentlemen fit the narrative to come. If Harry was still with us he would be on the list as well.

The contributions by the above mentioned players to the forum is worth its weight in gold. Some have given direct instruction on play while others have provoked thought by giving direction. All have been and remain humble in the face of naysayers and have taken insult upon insult yet they remain humble; always still willing to help and give advice to those who ask for it. Then you have the "Triad" who are willing to help but don't take kindly to stupidity and evasive talk. Let's not forget the French who talk backwards and have one word fits all in some Almost like back tracking a vinyl record (the stuff music was recorded on before the compact disc. CD).

Anyway, my thoughts went back to a discussion where Dobbelsteen spoke about a type of pool roulette play where other less experienced players would club in and Dobbelsteen would play roulette on their behalf with the winnings split between the pool members. Now, these players trusted Dobbelsteen to produce the goods and according to him he did. Was it his methods of play that produced the success or was it his disciplined approach? I say a combination of the two and we must accept that the co-dependency of these two aspects in the generation of profits was paramount to success.

Each of the players I have mentioned above have that approach and discipline factor that they have alluded to many times in discussions on the forum. With this I conclude that where players are chasing systems to profit continuously with, they should be looking inward for their HG or Bertrand. Some of the systems and methods that these humble players use are shared on this forum but how do they play them with success when players who try these systems/methods fail? The difference between success and failure lies in how you approach the game. There was another thread that stated that the HG is within you. Is this Ken's secret? I recall him getting very annoyed with low discipline members because they could not comprehend the basics of disciplined play.
Through the testing phase of systems/methods surely we learn how to establish a disciplined manner of play that allows us to manage our game and show a profit in the process.

Thank you to Dobbelsteen, DrTalos and Palestis for always being consistent but mostly for the lesson in being humble. 


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