Author Topic: How/Where Can We Find Largest Losing Streaks?  (Read 132 times)

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How/Where Can We Find Largest Losing Streaks?
« on: April 24, 2019, 07:42:19 PM »
When I first got into roulette years and years ago I remember I came across a website selling a system. I wasnt interested in the system but I was interested in a chart it had on its website showing longest ever streaks of missed hits. I thought I saved the chart or took a screenshot of it but 10 years later cant find it anywhere. Unfortunately, I also dont seem to have the website anymore either. Im sure I saved the link but a large number of roulette links Ive saved are defunct or forward to something entirely different now.

Would anyone have such a chart showing longest streaks? I think it would be helpful to (me of course) but also the whole community. When building systems with progressions I cannot help but think about this chart I saw long long ago how I could incorporate the knowledge.

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