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Roulette Math misconceptions
« on: April 01, 2019, 12:15:19 PM »
There is a very gross misconception about roulette math in general. Roulette math by simple  probability works only in imaginary world where wheels are simulated in excel or RX. This misconception is based on assuming that every number has same chance to hit on any taken out of sequence spin.
   There is no 1:37 chance in roulette. There is no 1:37 +/- 3std neither.  What is there is more like 1:37 +/- 6std. It's due to the fact that wheels are not in perfect working order and entropy does its work independently of our belief about it.
   Our imagination and supporting math is one thing, observed reality and supporting math is other.
   This is exact location of the "box" where everyone execute their thinking. Need to learn to think outside of this "box" to start making systems that matter.
   Is it " reality check " due? Cos what l read here mostly is not " outside the box thinking".


Re: Roulette Math misconceptions
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2019, 06:39:06 PM »
MrPerfect, the basic line of thought for many "readers" is that "RNG" presents a perfect wheel with true random and true variance according to the outline of the puffy clouds in the baby blue sky. What you are attempting to do is ask the children of the forum not to believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny anymore. There will always be fantasy where there is no commitment to the REAL WHEEL OF THE GAME.

Take the recent thread from Ignatus on one of his methods; his "short run or hit and run" is 1000 spins. What is this? The Matrix? Slow Motion play where you slap the Black Swan on the head and pluck golden chips out of his backside?

If players want to get real about the game then the approach has to be  pronounced from step one. B/M live table, RNG....bla bla bla. Too many B/M table discussions get dissolved into a swamp of RNG online nonsense. Weed the garden and have meaningful discussions.