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Here is a pointer for those who want to explore and discover a system that involves DS's (or dozens) on the wheel, rather than be restricted by the standardized the casino gives you on the layout.
Partition the wheel in 5 DS's leaving 1 with 7 numbers.
In the example below these are the ones I randomly chose. You can construct your own.
Then dot the numbers coming out in the particular table and mark the DS and the particular number.
That way not only you account for the most frequent DS's but also for the hot numbers.
At some point and depending on the numbers spinning from a particular wheel, you will notice the hot DS's and the cold ones too.
After many tests you might be able to draw valuable conclusions.
The example below is a sample how is done. It doesn't necessarily prompt  any action.
But another table will.
 If you do it long enough you will at some point find a way that might prove profitable.
When you test something long enough you will notice familiar patterns that are not coincidences.
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The disadvantage is that the numbers on the wheel do not match with  the numbers of the  table layout. Most players don`t know where to find the numbers of the wheel on the table. You have to play straight numbers. Much faster is using the two number neighbor wager with nearly the same features.

One of my first system play was the one number neighbor with the dobbelsteen triangel. All neighbors become the ranking 1 -12. The summit of the triangle is 13. The strategy is to wait for enough virtual losses.


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According to some old text certain combinations of DS or Six Lines should be more concentrated in certain sections of the French Wheel than the Dozens. I donĀ“t know if it is better to bet them than the dozens. Here they are anyway: 1-6 & 19-24,      7-12 & 25-30,      13-18 & 31-36.   
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In the sector 29/32 there is no second dozen. From mathematical point the distribution of the nummers is not important. A fair roulette wheel creates a fair random sequence. A pseudo RNG has no wheel but the features are the same  for a real roulette.


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Playing D.S as it is I think its stil profitable  , I mean if u have a good bet selection can be a winner big time .


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with a good bet selection and strategy any system can be profitable. Your skill and talent can make you a pro
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