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This thread is dedicated to fathers so please understand I am not ignoring the importance of mothers; not at all.
When my wife passed away in a car accident I asked God if he didn't perhaps make a mistake and I asked God to rather take me because my daughters needed her more. I remember looking up at the stars through a polluted sky and I recall my anger towards God. I promised myself I would be everything their mother was... and I failed. I was so focused on doing good for my girls that I lost sight of doing good for us as a family. As a self employed man my income sank but my commitment to my girls remained. I went beyond modern day family time which is about two hours in a day to almost twelve hours a day leaving myself just four/five hours a day to make a living for us. My girls grew up and I grew older enjoying every moment with them like it was my last.

When someone you love passes on, something inside you breaks and something else begins to grow. I can't explain it but I've lived it. I am still angry with God but only when I'm not with my daughters. When I'm with them I try and convince myself that God knows best because I see their happiness. I always ask myself if my late wife would have been a better parent than I was able to be and knowing her I remain angry with God. To me she was the better person to raise our children, especially because they are girls (women now). She had all these beautiful qualities that she could have enriched our daughters lives with and I would have been happy playing harp in the clouds.

I love my daughters, the men they chose and my grandchildren. (a boy and a girl). My daughters knew nothing of the past (the history of our country) yet today they are persecuted for the sins not only of their forefathers but of the the British who missed shooting down my grandmother during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902. My grandmother passed away at age 101 and was still sent a letter on her centenary birthday by the Queen of England to congratulate her on escaping the dragons fire. My daughters have a personal letter from Nelson Mandela expressing his condolences and praising her for being such a wonderful person. I have a photograph of President Mandela and I shaking hands at his home in Johannesburg. I have memories of truly great moments in history. I took my daughters into Soweto on a job I was doing so they could see for themselves first hand how black South Africans live and we met one of South Africa's great boxers  Baby Jake Matlala who was a dignitary at the event. My daughters still very young at the time remember this event.  I wanted them to form their own opinions about life, almost like having a fresh start in life but they are branded land thieves and racists as are their children who at this point can not say a single word. I also rubbed shoulders with white people in power but in todays age this will attract insults. I gave my daughters all the opportunity to form their own opinions about life. Sounds like an "Out of Africa" movie but this is our reality. I lost key clients because I refused to window dress my business with a black partner. I smiled, said Thank you and moved on.

I get calls 24/7 from my daughters and I respond immediately. They live their lives independent of mine but I am always in reach. A nice thing is that they ask me for advice and include me in their lives. I am blessed. They know I make my living from roulette; it's no secret and they support me because I am always honest and open with them.. There are no secrets in my family.

I am a father who cares deeply for his children and I am a gambler who serves them well from the proceeds of roulette. I gamble not by choice but by limited choice so forgive me for not wanting to put an open tap on the lifeblood of my family by revealing my exact play.

Please share stories of the relationship you have with your children.
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Good stuff Micky, enjoyed reading it. Your heart is obviously in the right place.  :)
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I also have a friend of mine who s lost his wife and he has 2 small children , its really hard to lose the woman of your children , but i wonder what God has to do with this?  At our times , and in all humans history there s something known as " wrong place At the wrong time" this what it causes your wife s dearth micky not God , did u see what s happening in Turkey when a building collapse a couple of days ago? If I speed up with my car and crash is it Becoz God s willing ? We live in imperfect world and the majority of the decisions we make follow the evil , this the life we live , if our minds work in a perfect manner no one could be killed or die by cancer or any other disease , unfortunately people they don't realize all these simple facts , so better stop blame God for anything bad happened to u and try to find the truth which is well hidden in our times .
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I do understand what you're saying Petespin. The fact that people question God is all part of being human. We do not understand that God being so great and almighty can have a hand in pain and suffering. It is a natural reaction when faced with a traumatic situation. Is it all part of God's plan? I don't know.


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It's sad that we remind God only when face a tough situation , God gave us what is call "free willing" to decide what is good or what is wrong for ourselves , humans choose the wrong side to live far away from God , most of the people don't realize that life is a God s gift ! Rather humans choose to be hard and selfish creatures as is the vast majority of the humans now days .


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Maybe, God is simply not what they told us he is. Have you ever think about it?

Have you ever wonder why Satan is called "the prince of this world"?


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Guys, firstly, how you define God? What he does? And why and when whit whom? Important questions?

Example someone praying in the church to God to a better life, or example to a little luck in her/his next huge decision, or see example someone, who helped people in his whole life with his warm  heart, or with money, or with kind, and he gets sick, and he has only 40 days left and he will die. What he will think about God? He was kind, good, helpful man, who was loved for everyobe in the town or vallage. What is this where is God now? It is a daily thousands event, it happens every day.

Why not help God to her? Because is her fifth life, and he was a guilty in her previous life? Or he will be rich in her next life? Or jist this happened and finito, no explanations?

We formed the world what is looks like today. Someone can get fresh chichken, fresh bread, another one why not get?

God is our predestination. I dont understand people says "God wanted this" , " It is will of God". What??? Leave good, well heart, kind, helpful, lovely people to die in between tortures, and give money, luxis life to scamamers, liers, who fools everyone to get higher and higher in his liferanking?

But I often heard good things, that some good people deserved something with hard work example. Notjing wrong with this. But why is that someone get a chance to live a normal life and someone not get ?

Itis important, that do they continuosly pray for the God, who has now very good life, but one day going to be sick unto death? Will rhey change their mind about God? I think of course will. They will think that thats why we prayed? I will die...but everybody will die soon or later, the only one thing we must accelt in our life. Do they change their mind about God, who turns from sick into heal? Of course they will, so our opinions about God changes based on what kind of life we live.

God creates, and end up.


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Your statement is precisely correct about Satan ,in fact in our days this creature governs the world ! So whatarewaiting for?to show sorrow? To show mercy? He's glad when see people suffering , but this will not last for ever as the one and real GOD stop him ! This describing at revelations , the end of days is so close...


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War, hunger, drugs, inequality, violence, racism, pollution... lucky us we have Satan to blame, otherwise we have to think we are just as*holes.
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War, hunger, drugs, inequality, violence, racism, pollution... lucky us we have Satan to blame, otherwise we have to think we are just as*holes.
I guess it would be too easy.
Evil exists all around and mankind just absorbs its vibrations like a channel.


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I truly believe this is not the real life , I can't believe create humans to live suffering , getting old and finally die , I base this statement on creation generally , angels (  like Satan ) created to live forever and are perfect and very power full creatures , so why  God not to do the same with us ? Have u ever think it was programmed that way but "something" went wrong at the first days of creation going back to eve and A dam? God gave them a very important gift the free willing , it doesn't meaning that they could do anything they like , HE gave them some rules to follow as he was his father and creator , what they do? Reject who give them this precious gift and follow Satan way  , so is he was obliged to keep them in eternal life like his millions of his angels? Of course not , after all God will give in the future a second chance to the humans to complete what he was started thousands years ago , people that will live the eternal life but this is can only succeed only when humans keep Faith and devotion to him , there s not any other way , its simple guys that what u have ( your life) it doesn't belong to u but its a gift from him , most of the time I react like i don't owe anything to him and I say "this is my life" that's completely wrong , micky p it was not God s willing to lost your wife but iam sure in the future u ll see her again as an expectation of the ressurection , God always does what he promises .