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Does it still count?
« on: January 28, 2019, 04:43:12 PM »
Ignatus made me think of this or REMIND me of this. Lets say you are coming up with your latest system. A progression is used, positive or negative, whichever. At the latest step of the progression (if you lose), the *TOTAL* amount lost,,,,,,,,,,if you would not have the guts or the will to even bet that amount, should you INCLUDE that as part of the progression? Should you include those RESULTS as part of your testing?

Absolutely not. Again, MOST of you are so far out of touch with reality when it comes to this game. Forget about putting your feelings onto paper results. Forget about putting positive thoughts onto paper results. Forget about putting unrealistic casino situations onto paper results. Forget about using PRETEND BR's onto paper results >>> Meaning, if you (or the AVERAGE person) are not willing to bet "$XXX", why would you even discuss it or test in that manner?


Re: Does it still count?
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   I have to agree with this above post.  the game can look so simple and yet in real live play you encounter situations you never thought of.

example ;  you play a system or any system in that matter that requires you to follow a double street.  your next bet has to 75.00$   
the dealer shows up, she picks up the ball and by accident she drops it and it falls right there on your double street.
you scratch your head and think; oups!  what the heck do I do now? 

you are right in the mids of your game and the pit boss ask you a question when you have barely enough time to lay your bets and the guy on your left is talking to you at the same time.

you have to use the restroom very quickly and you cant wait any longer. you leave, come back ,your number just hit, what do you do now ?
you think you knew what the sign said about limits but the pit boss shows up and bring up a different sign with different limits that will not enable you to make that big bet you were required to do.

you are down a bunch of money and suddenly when you thought you could remember your five inside numbers your brain freezes because of stress and the ball is allready rolling, mmm...... what it number 23???

on and on just when you thought you had it all figured some unknown curved balls got to your head. been there and it does happen, and much more unknowns that I quoted.
a big one I should mentioned;  your next bet is 400.00 $  but all of a sudden you have no faith at all that you will hit your numbers, and your wife just came by to said hello and you have to dig more cash out of your wallet in front of her when the night before you were arguing with her how it was a waste of money to get a pedicure so often because no one exept the two of you ever look at your toe nails, lol.

okay, enough example, we get the idea.
God bless.

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Re: Does it still count?
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Yep and many more examples. These things are NEVER taken into consideration when testing.

I laugh.  ;D