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Using free bonuses to guarantee profit
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:02:36 AM »
Ok, say we take a £20 bonus from casino A. Normally avoided due to wagering requirements, etc.

We then go to casino B which uses the same live feeds of the same wheels. Say we have a £20 bonus, we bet £1 on 20 different numbers. At site B we bet £17 of real money on the other 17 (use a wheel with a decent time between spins). Keep both windows on your computer open.

If your free bonus bet wins, you have £36 and lost £17 in cash, so £1 down. But you really want to lose the bonus money and win cash bets as the wagering requirements won't allow you to cash out for ages.

So now you could look at betting from the bonus pool say, 10 numbers and £27 in cash on the others on site B. Cover all the cold numbers with your £10. Hopefully you lose 3 times in a row and win 3 times on the cash bet,  meaning you win a total of £27 on site B, so are now £10 in profit and can cash out. You stiil have £7 in the bonus account too so could risk one more spin betting on 7 numbers, 30 on site B for £6 profit if one of the 30 hits.

But what if you bet 10 numbers with the bonus money and one hits? You lose another £27 real cash and have another £26 profit in the bonus account that can't be withdrawn! That's now £62 in total but £44 lost in real money.

Now it depends on bankroll. You really want to lose your bonus and thus win the cash bet to the point that it is in profit and withdraw. You're never truly losing anything because you win either way, but if you keep losing the cash bets and haven't met the wagering requirements to withdraw the bonus winnings, that's where this could be a problem.

Anyone got any good wagering ideas that would solve this quickly without having to bet silly amounts of cash?

I think this could be a good earner and actually make use of the bonuses effectively, if we can create a staking plan that will quickly wipe out the bonus meaning we made profit on our second site.


Re: Using free bonuses to guarantee profit
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2019, 05:32:47 PM »
Did this successfully today using a £10 free bet on betvictor. Found the same wheel on William hill and bet the £10 freebie on a sector of the wheel I didn't think it would hit, then £27 on William hill on the remaining numbers. Obviously best to win the cash not add to the bonus but at least if that comes in you can still do something about it and haven't lost the money. Anyway I got my £36 return on WH, Great!