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Author Topic: Reverse thinking  (Read 14278 times)

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Re: Reverse thinking
« Reply #30 on: October 24, 2016, 08:56:44 PM »
Sorry I had to post here.

First of all the bet with the worst odds is 1 number SU.  Therefore I simply put my entire balance on the number 17 and I am virtually guaranteed to lose it all within 4 spins and the vast majority of the time I will lose it in a single spin.

The unfortunate downside is that my profit will go up tremendously at certain rare times but the question was MINIMIZE YOUR WINS and therefore my method is the best mentioned so far, in my opinion, providing the least number of wins per bust.

Now the real question is, what does this teach us about how to think differently about roulette?  Well we can see the following in this method:

1) It will earn the highest balance of any possible method (the best most desired thing)
2) It will lose the most frequently of any possible method (the worst least desired thing)

(to be continued)

Well, seeing as how this bet selection has the BEST of the most desired thing (payout) it would seem that we should pursue it while MINIMIZING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE #2; i.e. losses due to the poor odds.

So what are the reasons for these losses?  LARGE DRAWDOWNS DUE TO NUMBERS GOING MISSING.

I think its also important to understand that a number "going missing" doesn't just mean that it doesn't show up but it also can/does mean that it successively shows up infrequently.  In other words, a number "going missing" can very easily be a long term attribute of a particular number.

So how do we avoid this drawdown so we can take advantage of the highest possible profits that are available to us in roulette? 

First, we can take a page out of the Harry-Pales play book and use a range.  We can also apply the principle that I "discovered" where bet randomization after a win will yield better results than random.  Again, borrowing from Harry-Pales, we also will heavily rely upon their foundational principle that rare events will not repeat successively very often or for very long.  We will also throw in Dobble's Short Run Theory that says that a series of short runs are not statistically the same as a long run which also coincides with my "Wheel States" theory that says the longer the wheel spins, the greater the chances of the random sequence to corrupt.  We can also use the Turbo Genius principle that a large progression isn't necessary and a long term view is required.  Finally, while battling in the trenches, we can draw on a "recovery management" skill that I learned from an unnamed veteran gambler, because "The art of gambling is not just in making money, but in keeping it".

Combining all these principles together we can actively minimize the terrible effects caused by single number draw downs while still being able to reap the giant rewards that a single number provides in payouts.

Anyone know which one of these performs better?

What's the very worst bet in roulette?

Is it possible to maxmize the odds and probabilties of roulette yet while minimizing our bet selection?

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Re: Reverse thinking
« Reply #31 on: October 25, 2016, 07:38:23 AM »
 If you really after reverse thinking, why wouldn't you try to pay atention to wheel itself?
 Instead of inventing methods , you could find one wich would follow the wheel and what it does..  especially when it does it.
  Take Mr.J " finaly l got it" as a basis. ... lt has more info then many would realise.


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Re: Reverse thinking
« Reply #32 on: March 13, 2017, 11:56:35 AM »

I've tried to find Mr.J's " finallyl got it" but I didn't, where is it?
Do you have a link?
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