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Re: Scep' s roulette strategies .
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Where an outcome is uncertain we can  only guess what that outcome will be. The difference between me and you here is that I understand  that . You don’t .

As for the Nine Blocks I  offered you the opportunity to prove me wrong - at a Live Table.. You chickened out because you knew that you couldn’t play roulette  for real and win your  fantasy $900 !

If your Brain was as big as your mouth you  would  be a Genius !

So there we have it  ;D
I understand very well that there is not 100% certainty in roulette and that is why I rely on a controlled progression to extend play. I do rely on a high hit rate that fluctuates a little but is constant enough to be reliable.

I have no interest in proving anything to you but I did say you are welcome to come to South Africa  if you like and we can do the little challenge thing. Even with our currency being so weak against yours, it may still be too expensive for you to play on our cheapest tables but you are welcome anyway. Maybe do a walk about and see some game (wild animals) to get your moneys worth for the trip.

How do you flat bet and win when all you are doing is guessing? By the way, this confirms that I was right about the nine blocks leading to a coin flip decision or a guess. Don't worry I won't rub it in but please just be mindful of how you address others on the forum.

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