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How to profit using flat bets .

Analyse a Nine Block . Each gives a guarantee that one of  it’s columns will have at least 3 correct .  This gives a solid basis from which to develop  a roulette strategy  because  the  result MUST be within it -  barring a zero. The zero , like any other number  is expected  to win once , on average, every 37 spins so   ignoring it still leaves us with 36 “ windows of opportunity.” 

Since betting either of the first 2 spins cannot give a profit but the possibility of a loss we need to concentrate on the other two - either one or both.

To do that  we need to make an Assumption . We then calculate the % advantage of that Assumption compared to the casinos advantage . From  that we calculate the number of bets needed  to avoid the Gamblers’  Ruin .

 My A-game has been calculated as 12 . If I make a 5  unit bet this means a “ Forever  Bankroll “ of 60  units .  On my last 5 visits I made a profit of  exactly 100 units on that 60 unit Bank.  ( I smiled when Greek  said that I probably made a small profit  of 100 !     }

Basically, I am betting the maths. using roulette as the vehicle


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Hey scep, how many Games do you play at any one time..?? Since we can not predict,  I'm wondering if you have somehow created dependence playing multiple games within the game simultaneously


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Hi Psyclez
If you mean How Many Tables do  I play on  a visit then it  was , roughly, 10. I play a version of Hit and Run.  . I usually played it for about 18 / 20 spins and cashed out Win or Lose. I changed it slightly to-If a loss at that point carry on till I reached Break- Even or a profit  and then cash  in or , of course  , acccept  a total loss!    ;D   .     

There are, as you know, many systems for playing roulette - with or without the Nine Blocks.
You coud try using the " third spin " of a Nine Block  to give the 20 numbers of the D and C. From there  note the 4 decisions of a Colour and O / E .
The maths of this then become 20 / 37 x 1/ 4 = 20 / 148 .5 Coincidentals have 2  with the same R/B and O/E .Try betting only when at least  one of those with 2 are indicated . I found it interesting .  So might you !
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4 from 10  ECs.

Wait for 6 spins then bet the majority of those for the next 4 spins .  THEN LEAVE THAT TABLE _ WIN or LOSE !

Reasoning .    - There are 210 possible scenarios to get, say,  4 Rs or 4 Bs out of a total of 1024 possibilities  . Or , about 20.5 % of the time .

No need for waiting long -or chasing losses !  ;D


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Interesting you bring up the EC's scep, this whole idea of non random events reminded me of the 512 combinations that can be formed from Van Der Waerdens arithmetic progressions over the course of 9 spins. . .
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Using a Lego Construction Block !  :D
1 }
Choose ANY  lego construction block to construct a bet  with reasonable expectation of profit. ( Keep on using the SAME block and familiarise yourself with it. ) 

I’ll use lego block 5 to give an example . This is ;
Regard the 1-2-3 of the block as the 1-2 and 3 Dozens.

2 )
Bet in sequences of 4 spins . Use the first 2 to indicate which 2 to bet next .
As you bet only the last two  of each column you have the option of WAITING for 2 numbers to appear before betting the next two -or- use the last two numbers to bet the next two
3 )    Example  of a possible bet using block 5 .   
If the FIRST number is 1 and the SECOND is “2”  then bet the 2 numbers below  the “2 “ of the columns headed by the numbers TWO and THREE.
In block 5 - 1 followed by 2 is in the second column.
Using the  Columns headed by 2 and 3 and which have the second number as 2, these are ;
So, on the 2 spins  after 1 then 2   we would bet-
 first, Dozens 2 and 3
and on the following spin bet the Dozen BELOW the last winning number.
Two x 1pt. FLAT BETS  collecting 9 pts. if both win .
Flat Bets - because they are bet as Doubles - not as singles.
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12 Feb 2019 - Nevada casinos finished 2018 with a total of $11.9 billion in win, a 3 percent increase over 2017.That is the third highest total in state history ...



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"Rinad, with due respect you simply state the obvious in much the same way as Septic's fake guarantee. There is a guarantee of three correct but is only visible in hindsight

Micky P
Michael . I ask you again ! Where did I say that  there was a guarantee other than the one you accept ? So stop twittering and answer!
What I do claim is that it can produce a mathematical advantage and that I profit from using it - NOT in hindsight but in actual play .With level stakes / Flat Bets and with much less table bankroll than most . if not     all,  any negative progression bettor .


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"First up is my “ Nine Blocks “.There are 81 different ways for 1 in 3 shots to occur over four “trials “ - spins , football matches etc.. 3x3x3x3 = 81.These can be divided  into 9 different “ blocks “ each containing 9 of the 81and each Guaranteeing “ 3 wins in any 4 no matter the results of the 4 . These can be used for betting the dozens ( or columns ) in roulette - with the obvious  proviso that no zero occurs. As you will note  , used for roulette, we cannot bet the first 2 spins of the four because we would need to bet all three .So  no profit but a possible loss should zero occur. A case where the use of “ virtual bets “ is not only advisable but a necessity."
Quote from the very first post of Septics thread. Note the red text. Oh look, virtual bets as


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You have already AGREED with the " words in red " . So have can you now disagree that  "There is a guarantee of three correct I have claimed that I use the guarantee to advantage  but did not claim that I was guaranteed to profit and that is your false claim . My bets are calculated using probability of outcome so is not "Hindsight ".

You talk too much and think so little .So come on  Man Up and admit your ckaim was and is false.
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Scepticus, I took some time to study your 9 block tool again and I maintain my opinion about the system. It is a coin flip system.
In your opening post you briefly explain how you were harassed on other forums and then you go to introduce your 9 block system. You Guarantee 3 wins out of 4 spins. This is a red flag, the first of many.
In your description of these guaranteed wins you fail to mention that it is subject to selecting the right block to base your two actual bets upon.
The first two wins do not count as you either break even or lose if the zero comes up so I understand that covering all three dozens for the first two spins is an unnecessary risk. That leaves you with ONE guaranteed win in two spins. Sounds great but the reality about this is that the guarantee only applies if you select the correct block to base your final two bets on. Almost like the guarantee you get on scratch cards; get three matching numbers and the prize is guaranteed.
You see your 9 block tool covers all eventualities or sequences that the dozens fall over a 4 spin cycle so just on random selection based on the first two "wins you still have too many selections to be sure of a win.
What will change this to a method that wins more than loses is for you to come up with a way to predict what block in the set of 9 to use. You can't wing it fly boy.

The only thing of value is perhaps the parley on the last spin, If you lose here you have only lost two chips from your third bet. Good use of basic maths.

Anyway I know you're not talking to me now but I thought I should let you know about the flaw in your 9 block tool.


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Here is an example of what I mean:

Your first two spins both land on the first dozen but will not give you a block to play. You must still choose any one of the nine blocks. Lets say the third dozen comes up on the third spin (your first real bet spin); so you look for 1 1 3  in the blocks and you are left with three options 1 1 3 1, 1 1 3 2 and 1 1 3 3.
Your first money bet is on the third spin and you bet two dozens which will give you a 66% chance of winning. The stake is higher on your fourth bet due to the parley but here you only have a 33% chance of winning.

Where is the GUARANTEE you speak so proudly about? Remember it is only a one cash bet guarantee that counts.

Like I said...coin flip system.



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Septic, I did not agree with your so called maths advantage. As you see from the two posts above I see where you claim the 3 from 4 guarantee but there is no way to capitalize on this but to flip a coin for your bet selection. So...FAKE GUARANTEE!


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You continue to display your ignorance .
I said that  the Block GUARANTEED 3 wins in one of the 9 lines .You agree  here . I did not mention any  other GUARANTEE. You did but  claim that I did  - again I ask you to say where I did . You failed - AGAIN - to do so.  So cut the crap. Point out where I mentioned  another guarantee . Like your other FAKE allegation you do not  provide proof !   

How many times must I tell you -ANY BLOCK    ? You really  are thick not to understand that  !
"you bet two dozens which will give you a 66% chance of winning " wrong again Michael  Again you display your ignorance of roulette !

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Septic, you are behaving like an idiot again. I did not magically create "another" guarantee in your lego blocks. In case you didn't notice the FAKE guarantee you harp on about is written by you in your own posts.. We have been down this road before and you stick to your BS like sh*t sticks to a blanket. You can't accept that your guarantee is FAKE.You use the FAKE guarantee to lure players into playing your lego blocks but how many players actually use the lego blocks to make money with? NONE!

I agreed that there are three right in one of the lines because ALL eventualities are covered excluding the zero. BUT the first two correct are in the first two rows and they are not bet on so you have one more chance to get a correct decision with still three dozens to chose from. Flip a coin sunshine.

You stated on numerous occasions that you can only "guess" the possible outcome. Calculated guess, guaranteed guess, doesn't matter what word you use, it remains a guess' a coin flip! The three correct are only seen in hindsight.

And you claim to win flat betting... Hahaha. I see your latest noddy badge you awarded yourself is "I'm not a negative progressive bettor". You really do have an inferiority complex and the only way for you to feel good about yourself is to try and distinguish yourself as better than others.What a joke!!! Hahahahaha... If roulette was your only means of income you would starve to death.


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Where an outcome is uncertain we can  only guess what that outcome will be. The difference between me and you here is that I understand  that . You don’t .

As for the Nine Blocks I  offered you the opportunity to prove me wrong - at a Live Table.. You chickened out because you knew that you couldn’t play roulette  for real and win your  fantasy $900 !

If your Brain was as big as your mouth you  would  be a Genius !