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Probability Is A Measurement Of Uncertainty?
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Probability is an abstract mathematical concept, and is just a measure of uncertainty.

Is the glass really half empty?  Does CUMULATIVE probability ever exceed 50%?  Indeed, probability is a ratio of CERTAINTY TO uncertainty!

Variance exists because of cumulative probability stacking until it becomes so improbable for a perfect 1:37 outcome to occur that there MUST (practically speaking) be a repeat, which then results in another number NOT hitting and this process repeats itself spin after spin and is commonly known as "The Law of the Third".

The very existence of variance is the concrete proof that cumulative probability can be used in our games to win!
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Re: Probability Is A Measurement Of Uncertainty?
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Watching a youtube clip about basic mathematics on cumulative probability, has obviously not made you understand its underlying principle to the degree you can instantly see where it is applicable,  and where it is not.

You know, there s this cute little story about the famous film director Ingmar Bergman and his less famous brother Dag. One day,  Ingmar´s brother  was called  to the school principal´s office, whom stared at him harshly and said;

"You know, young master, yesterday I had your brother here whom possesses a vast knowledge without gaps, and today I have you here, in whom there are a vast amount of gaps, all devoid of knowledge."

I think of that little story every time I see you attempt to explain cumulative probability ...and cannot but smile at this childish ignorance.
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