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This video show my strategy on internet. Along time ago I have studied BJ with a n Excel program  On the video I give an impression  of that program.


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Can you explain your strategy with more detail?

Do you play it only with rng or with live dealer too?

Do you win consistently?


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Dobbelsteen, at 4:57 in your video the dealer flips you a 10 and an 8 (18); he has an 8. You request another card and bust. I don't see the logic in this move. Care to explain?

I would have stood on 18 and hoped the dealer got a 9 or less so he could either end up with 17 or bust.

At 25:00 in the video a similar situation comes up and you stand on 18 (8+10) while the dealer has 8.

An interesting video, thanks for posting. Nice wins toward the end of your session.
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My BJ study learns me that it is nearly impossible that the dealer will win more than 10 consecutive hands.  I start the bet always with the smallest chip after a win. When my balance increase 3 units , I start the progression.On internet the table limit is high enough for about a 7 step Martingale. Sometimes I deviate a little of the rules. A strategy has no fixed rules. My skill is also important.
The game is very dull and the profit per hour very less.
In my housecasino the minimum bet is too highand the table limit too low.

For all combinations, the program has computed the statistic average win change for the player and the dealer. When you do not buy with 12 or higher, the house edge is about 3,5%.

I do not play real BJ, only RNG fot fun on internet. Hit and Run is also a standard rule for BJ

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Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated. I agree that playing BJ especially with narrow table limits is best played Hit and Run. It can be a very profitable venture.
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I came across this video and found it very interesting. The no bust rule that David plays seems to have some merit to it but it will annoy other players on the table.

I like the fact that he only loses one unit per attack but I would modify the number of hands I play while risking too much of my profit.

When a dealer bust table is identified, joining the table changes the distribution of cards and this may change from a dealer bust to a dealer win table.

Has anyone tested this approach? If so, please share your opinion on it. Thanks.
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  Micky ,thanks for sharing that video it brought back good old times.

I got involve in many different ways to this game and the way this player is showing us is actually pretty good.
the way he describe as not hitting your hands when the dealer brakes is actually the same way card counting tells you how to differ from basic strategy and it makes perfect sens to let the dealer brakes.
I like to add that in the same way I can mimic the dealer and "hit more" then usual when low cards are running.
not following "basic strategy" is what good players do. it gets others blame you when they lose and never give you credit when you make the dealer brakes.
watching the table and picking tables when a dealer is braking is the best thing in my opinion any player can do.


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Thanks Micky for this video.

The explanation is very clear. and valuable. I am also sceptically for the Basic Strategy. I never advise to double , split or assure.
With my Excel program I have computed the average of the dead hit percentages voor the chart value 1 to 18. I have found on internet a table like mine with very small differences. This table is a very useful tool.

With the table you can also control advices of the basic strategy or others.

A progressive bet selection is very dangerous. This video have a 10 steps bet selection. In my video I am more careful and start the progression after a small loss. The skill of the player is very important In a real game the time for thinking is very short.

In my B&M casino the minimum  chip value  is 10 euro and the limit 400 euro.
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I viewed a series of videos (seven plus the summary making it eight in total) on "No  Bust vs Basic Strategy" and the "test" shows basic strategy as a better play method. I have my reservations on the way the tests were conducted but never-the-less it was an eye opener to say the least.

The test was conducted on an even playing field without qualifying the croupier position as win or bust.

I'm in a learning process with the game so I don't have a qualified opinion about any specific approach. If I get to the point where I build up some actual play experience I will then be in a position to air my personal views on the game.


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My problem with the Basic Strategy followers is that they claim a HE of about 0,6% with out a research. With my Excel program I can compute the average HE voor all the combinations of the BS table. BS is like a religion.