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Set the win goal so small, for me three net wins, that you almost always automatically achieve it. See your real world results in practice before ever going to a casino to try it. I play to win 3 net wins or lose 7 net wins. So I must win 2.333 sessions to make up for each lost session. You must know your wins to losses ratio.

I agree but It's hard to swing between +3/-7 when you have a tough session.

Do you implement a positive progression? Parlay?

Well yes, the tough sessions you end up quitting before it reaches -7 or you lose it all. So what, that's gambling. You must know your average win / loss ratio for sessions.

Look at it this way:

I never use progressions. I flat bet or I chart a selection in my playing chart as if I had placed a flat bet but I don't place a bet on the table. It's a pseudo bet, like the fake news. It still generates a win or a loss result. It just does not cost anything. I develop an actual track record of my effectiveness at making guesses, as they occur. That is the real trend line that I'm playing. The guesses are there just to generate a reality track.

I tend to win 5 sessions for each full priced lost session. That maths out to be 7 lost flat bets to 15 won flat bets. That is close enough to the video for figures. Now you know my strategy but you don't know my actual bet selection techniques. Reading randomness and having an advantage exploiting it is a skill. I'm not there to have fun. It's work.  I invented the skill and perfected it. I even came up with the original ideas for the characteristics on my own. I did all this before the internet. I am still all alone on the global effect and the elegant patterns. It's fun to watch people act cynical, apathetic, disingenuous, skeptical, arrogant, intellectual, agnostic, and even magical when it comes to taking the heat for such claims. It's been a long 13 years. Now I can add blown up or mad as hell to that list.

Watch the video. It's all there sort of.
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Re: Baccarat
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thanks for your reply.
Totally agree with your points. It's a work, an endevour, and experience of studying, testing, and actaully playing must be put at work in order to develop the skills you talk about.

I already knew this brilliant video, it's one of my favourite and really opens the mind towards new perspectives.

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Baccarat is my game of choice, in fact the only game I play.

Anything you need to know, just ask.

Suffice to say, it is a money game first and foremost, next you require discipline and composure, thirdly and less significant is bet selection, although that should be ignored, you should have some methodology to your betting pattern, as opposed to betting on a whim.
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