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Online Live game from the USA
« on: December 16, 2018, 06:12:08 AM »
Hi there, I am looking for a live online game that I can play from the USA. North Carolina to be specific if it matters at all. I have tried to sign up for a few different casinos that I know do online live games but they all say not available in your area. Does anyone know anything? Any suggestions? Anything to stay away from?
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Re: Online Live game from the USA
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I haven't personally played at any of these but I heard that they are all trusty and they do all have live dealers.  Btw, just for the record, the enforcement of USA law is not clear regarding players who play at casinos located off of USA soil and based on that lack of clarity in the law, I offer the list of these sites.

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Re: Online Live game from the USA
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Never trust advice from strangers that do not hold an account in a Casino they suggest.

Your inquiry, however, deserves a precise answer and the best I could find is here:

You ll find all you need concerning online play for US citizens. To make it short it is forbidden in accordance with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 read more here:

Here is a legal interpretation of said UIGEA enactment:

"Naturally, it caused pandemonium for players who woke up and discovered they could no longer make deposits at their favorite sites. Going through legalities of the new law the player isn't breaking the law, it is the financial institutions that the UIGEA has come down on like a ton of bricks. Banks are no longer allowed to fund any accounts for the purpose of gambling; therefore, a middleman or other means to fund accounts have popped up replacing traditional methods.

After the UIGEA had gone into effect, many U.S. betting portals shut down altogether. At that point, only a few were still taking bets from players in this region. Most of them decided to run only RTG software and were licensed in Costa Rica and the doubtful trustworthiness connected to said region."

There are of course ways around this, but the risk is, should you try, and then happen to get caught, lets say by trying to sign up with false ID, a complete loss of your entire deposit (forfeiture on grounds of above mentioned law), and incurred penalty taxes should IRS find out about it.

In Europe, all EU citizens are free from taxes on their wins and withdrawals from EU based Casinos, as these Casinos carry the responsibility for said taxation.

In USA this is the same for gaming at land based Casinos which is currently the only way to indulge in gaming of any kind (besides sports betting).

Sorry for that, old chap, but there it is, in black and white.

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Re: Online Live game from the USA
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Just to clarify, I obtained the list from someone who does play at all the listed casinos and you can use that list as a springboard into the excellent rating site that Thomas has provided.  Don't ever lie to a casino about anything that pertains to your identity.
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