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Author Topic: Armand Adrian Buzan Romanian Criminal Scammer Almost Killed Man Who Ask Refund  (Read 12193 times)

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Gambler13 Buzan DVD did not bring you enough wins and now you want sell by 500€ copy of who want buy so that you get finally money from it get money 5000 which you pay Adrian and also money which you use and play loss use of Adrian DVD information


Seems Adrian guy has done new video about feedback here. Keeping an open mind. He makes some valid arguments to be fair. Internet is so difficult to distinguish between who is legit and who is not regardless if its roulette or not these days who knows -


I have nothing against anyway people play, but get disturbed of the common attacks on system players from some AP. They have an agenda to make some business, try to  "add me on Skye" and PM and even straight ask for money for lessons.  They do not contribute very well at least.  I have followed them for long time in many fora, they use to have many accounts as well.  We can discuss AP and system in more polite and creative way.  Spitting the same all over every time is so common, and that's the reason we have many guests but fewer members. They do not dare to bring theire ideas. I do not agree with all, but I would then answer by the topic and not the person.  We must be tolerant, and we must see that is the purpose of a comment. I would advice this people are restricted to state "I do not  agree", and then give some proofs of THEIRE way and how they manage it. Teasing and hinting is normally not wise, if you are not fishing like system sellers. We share and discuss, what ever way we think .  I can "attack" some with claims which is completely off side, but still respect the being behind, that is the meaning with our forum.
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Ok, I watched that video.  Nowhere does he mention this forum.  I choose to believe him that he is not a felon (I thought he was because of the tatoos). 
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You claimed about  my Nine Blocks  " the harm is making others think it works " without producing any evidence .
I think that was an " attack" on me . Double Standards  ?




A claim is for the person who makes it to proof, in a way most of all understand. If not it is not a proof. What you belief in is not the same as it is common accepted. The proof belongs to you, the disproof in any way are the opponents.  You have never shown a proof, just what you think about it. You can use it, and even win, but not because.
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My Nine Block is an  hypothesis so it is up to my critics to prove it false .  So far nothng but derision  I could make a case against  it . My critics  including you cannot .
 . And .. I have offered to show what I can do in a real casino if my critics are willing to do the same .

Are you willing to take me up on my offer ? 


Students Last Secret By Adrian Buzan Fun Money Teach And Real Money Games.mp4 can watch here [nofollow]


Romanian gypsy


Now Adrian Armand Buzan use RouletteMan video material In order to promote sales scam
He has used roulette videos from many different people from youtube like to be his own video materia, on his numerous youtube channels, he does and says anything to get people to fall for his scam.
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Thanks for the heads up!..
That channel should be down in a few days.
Btw, how did you became aware of this channel?These videos were uploaded less than 20 hours ago and they have NO views!!!Something fishy is going on here!
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Adrian Buzan uploads videos almost daily like a freak his many channels, this way he makes sure that if someone searches for something on youtube about roulette his videos are always in the top of search results youtube [nofollow]
sort by filted upload date and the search results show one video featured your name in the video icon and video description regrul regeleruleite it was easy to guess RomanianGypsy has uploaded your videos as his own material
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I see...
Thanks the heads up.
He is a sore loser!!!!
These people are the scum of the earth trying to cheat, scam and steal and never really create something nice or useful. avoid him like the plague 


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That page is now taken down!
Thank you again GambleOnlineRoulette.
Please let us know if you find anything else!



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Guys from RouletteMan this obsesed guy from Finland aka GambleOnlineRoulette
 is adding your content to new channels with my info so like that we fight togheter block that morron is obsesed by people who have good content online
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