Author Topic: Armand Adrian Buzan Romanian Criminal Scammer Almost Killed Man Who Ask Refund  (Read 566 times)

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Story translate English

Blinking of authentic mystery on Wednesday, June 7, at IML Cluj after the appearance in the waiting room of the institution of Gabriel Vizitiu - known as the most important recycler of reusable materials and pets in the Cluj area. Accompanied by two of his "lieutenants" and his wife, he has his left arm tied in a staff and also a grimace of pain dominates his expression of his face. He has a closed mouth about the event, doubled by an impenetrable view of the lion or horned hyssop, but his collaborators told me that he was stabbed on June 5th in the big afternoon and full day by Armand Adrian Buzan, Self-titled "The King of Roulette".
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Adrian Buzan conartist scammer drives a car gun on the seat so now can get a bullet instead of a knife if going to ask for money refund, when buy his 5000€ DVD loss you moneys, when get know great secret roulette error which is repeater numbers hot numbers So there is no  revolutionary secret of 5000€ DVD play RNG roulette hot numbers.
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Another Victim Of Adrian Buzan Scam 5500$  Video Evidence [nofollow]
Wish people use google search before buy any thing

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