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Re: The talos seesion dump analysis
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There is nothing disingenuous about DrTalos not revealing his Bertrand. He did not lead people on with the hope that he will reveal it one day. He said he will never reveal his Bertrand and has even declined cash for it. What he has done is provide many clues and has left it up to people on the forum to work it out. If anyone has discovered it or may discover it in the future, do you think they will share? A lot of time and work goes into creating a great method and I don't blame anyone who does not want o share.
I have no issues with DrTalos at all. He has been fair and also generous enough to start the thread "How I make my systems".

Third is a different story. Everyone can join the dots for themselves.
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Re: The talos seesion dump analysis
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I am very surprised by this discussion about people. Each player must develop his analytical mind, this is also the way. Dr. Talos should not give a solution. Otherwise, players who want to win roulette without personal effort would become arrogant, rude. It is better that they exercise their talent, their intelligence by doing research, to become humble. If a member changes his pseudonym, he wants to change his mentality as well. We must respect the evolution of people. To want to talk about Reyth is to try to make him regress. He has the right to evolve, to turn the page. But it must be said that the criticisms on the members have a function of release. And during this time, we do not talk about roulette, it helps some members to forget their despair not to win the game. This collective regression process seeks to avoid the problem of efforts, uncertainty, long testing, to maybe win a day at roulette. All this is dramatic, fun too, but it's time lost. Everyone must exercise his reason and demand nothing from others. Those who want to criticize members can write this in a personal notebook and analyze their desperation, their desire, their aggressiveness. Then there will be of place on this forum to talk about roulette.


Re: The talos seesion dump analysis
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Micky you are slowly winning me over...if Third really is reborn-zombie-Reyth, it truly is one of the more bizarre things we've seen on any of the R forums.

Not as crazy as an average bago post, but close.  ;D