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Author Topic: "Chasing the Bet" VS "Short Gain and leave the table."  (Read 389 times)

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"Chasing the Bet" VS "Short Gain and leave the table."
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:23:26 PM »

[size=78%]Part - A - "Chasing the Bet" - I tried an N number of strategies with - Chasing the Bet.[/size]

Basic Example:
Bet on Doz1 and Doz2. If Ball hit Doz1 or Doz2, then you win else to increase the Bet and wait for the next win (Lots of variations in that I tried). I developed Software Simulator and Backtested. Found that none of strategies works.
For short-term one can get the good gain. But on the Long run because of the Table Limit/ Bankroll Limit/ "0" - system fails, and overall Loss goes more than Overall Gain.

Part - B - "Short Gain and leave the table." ===============
So now I am thinking to try for "Short Gain and leave the table."
In that case, I am thinking to play with all possible things (Multiple strategies) like Doz, Column, Color, Odd/Even, 18/36.

Basically I am hoping here => "Gain from few strategies may substitute loss of other strategies"

So basically trying all strategies at a time on the table. Keep on adjusting Bet as need (using """Gut feeling""") (in such a way that I don't hit the limit).
Keep a timer of 30 min. After 30 min whatever profit comes - put in a pocket - take a small break and start again with the different table. My goal is to make $30 per every 30 min.

But then how I can test that my new approach may work in the long run. Writing Software simulator for this kind of approach is not possible. Because I am going to use lots of gut feeling.

Any suggestions please.

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Re: "Chasing the Bet" VS "Short Gain and leave the table."
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I have read this method somewhere.

You may try with two columns or dozens starting with 1 unit.
Any loss, increase by 2 units on each dozen or column. Eg: 1 1, 3 3, 5 5, 7 7 etc.

You decrease by 1 unit on each dozen or column when you win. Assuming that you win a bet when you place 7 7, then 6 6 would be your next bet.

Keep the win goal to around 20% of BR, but you should know that there is no guarantee that you won’t lose BR. Always test it before you play real.

And, pls ensure to have at least 500 units BR.

People here experienced that columns are much more choppy than dozens, as dozens tend to be repetitive. Therefore you may want to try it on first 2 columns after you wait for two virtual hits of third column(which is 3 multiples).