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Author Topic: Exergy and Entropy in the world of Roulette  (Read 418 times)

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Exergy and Entropy in the world of Roulette
« on: October 21, 2018, 10:33:54 AM »

The human desire to create order and perceive meaningful patterns in a reality steeped in pure chaos is very strong. But human strength and persistence cannot counter the natural response from said reality on any given order, or pattern, created and perceived as such. It is called entropy. 

It affects any and all objects, bonds, and relationships.  From the most minute particle /waveform to the greatest galaxies of seemingly positioned groupings of stars seemingly appearing as their own self-sustained islands in a vast sea we perceive as a Universe. The human order in between, and all its inventions and created concepts, is no exception to this fact. We can refer to them as Exergy.

Exergy, per definition, is: 

"The maximum useful work which can be extracted from a system as it reversibly comes into equilibrium with its environment."

Entropy is related to Exergy in the respect that when the Exergy diminishes in a system, entropy is increasing.

Entropy, greatly simplified, can be said to be the inevitable gradual decline, or dissolution of any order, form, or emerging pattern, given enough time in the continuum it is perceived, upheld,  once the conditions of its deconstruction are in play.  The more options a system of said order, forms or patterns have to arrange themselves, the higher the entropy. In fact,  it can be said that the deconstruction of any given object subject to chaos, complexity, and entropy begins the very moment said object is conceived. Whatever object, form or pattern that carries a lack of real order, carries a lack of any real predictability.

To believe that the Exergy of roulette in terms of any static roulette system bound to its set parameters, and the many patterns various humans perceive within said parameters, is an exception to an inevitable entropy, is a grave delusion.

The only way to approach said Exergy before complete entropy is at hand is to have a dynamic platform that produces a continuous re-creation of datasets, that serves as an intermediary stage (bridge) between the two states of Exergy & Entropy.

The trick with said bridge though is to have available indicators that signal where the influence of Exergy is overshadowed by the presence of Entropy. The mathematics and necessary algorithms behind such a dynamic approach towards roulette are immensely difficult to apply, yet it is only under such conditions said platform can produce a sound profit on a continuous basis even in the almighty presence of Entropy.

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Re: Exergy and Entropy in the world of Roulette
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Entropy is related to Exergy in the respect that when the Exergy diminishes in a system, entropy is increasing.

Entropy and Exergy: one goes up, the other comes down...equal and opposite reaction. In hindsight patterns of up and down or waves that crest and bottom out will be a standard trend and although not 100% predictable for future events they can be anticipated and if engaged at the right trigger point may generate a more positive result.

Such is the nature of patterns and triggers in the closed circuit game of roulette. There are only 37 possible outcomes for every spin.