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Re: Repeater Wheel Segment.
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"It is highly unlikely that a hot DS will have all its 6 numbers hot. It never happens" >> Yes, I agree. I sure hope you are trying to help me make my point. If you are correct (you are), then there is NO SUCH THING as a "hot DS". I have made this point 200 times but yet, people still bet the GROUPINGS of numbers. Just plain stupid and a WASTE of units. The 13 and 15 have hit above expectation but the 14 has not hit in 150 spins. What do the the ROOKIE players do? They bet the ENTIRE street,,,,,,,,,*STUPID*



Re: Repeater Wheel Segment.
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I really couldn't care what numbers I am betting, as long as I get my hits above expectation (or within my press). 

You don't look at long term results over your entire session but I do and there is a reason that the selection I am betting is the top performer and it is not just because of only the hottest numbers in the selection. 

Its a team effort and even though it may look like it, long-term success is not because of just one or two players.
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Re: Repeater Wheel Segment.
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Till now there is not a table with a bet opportunity to bet on the left or right side of the wheel.Such a bet is the same as a bet on an EC. The features are the same.
The difference of occurrence is about 15 maximum. Bet the low red and the high black for the left side if the wheel.

in my house casino i play on the terminals of the Multi Roulette. They are connected with 5 real tabels. I observe very much the statistics of the last 50 spins. I see very often cold clusters of 5 4  and 3 neighbors. With succes i use these triggers. I start flat betting and afterwards a slight progression.
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