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« on: June 22, 2018, 05:09:01 AM »
This has become a favorite-system of mine, now, although sometimes it lose, most of the time it will win, and it *feels* safe, i've been playin it on the MPR, most of the time,

i tell you how *i* play this now, (This *COULD* BE PLAYED FLATBET ALSO!)

As i said i use a 8-step progression. only difference if any of the "core numbers hit" no.5,8,11 (4 Quads) depending on how the BR looks like i (if i reach a new high or not)

(1) Stay at the same bet , but reset calulation of progression
(2) Reset bet & calculation of progression

ALSO IF any of the other numbers hit (2 Quads hit 1 number) i calculate that as -2 steps in the progression (always +1 step calculating for each LOSS) when i reach 8. I double up. easy as that. Usually i have a set wingoal and stoploss

I reset/restart progression anytime i reach a new high
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Re: 11 STAR
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Hi ignatus,

Could you play for us on roullete similator . info site as a sample game?

I couldn't catch some key points i guess.