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« Reply #45 on: March 20, 2019, 08:35:18 PM »
Well chaps, they started charging for use of the app but only £4.79. The good news is it seems to be even more reliable now and is more user friendly. I used the paid for version today and from a £600 bankroll playing £1 units I've won just over £400, playing about 3 hours total. I tend to wait until about the 10th spin and where about 8-12 numbers are suggested before I play. It often wins before that but then I just find another wheel and go again. A couple of times I didn't win until the 14th spin but was still only betting £3 per number so nowhere near risking my whole bankroll. Once I stopped after losing about 70 units and would hach won 2 spins later but I don't like big progressions just in case. I soon made that money back.

The rest of the time I was hitting 1st or 2nd spin (usually 10th to 12th spin overall).

Played sensibly and with the right settings this app is absolute gold! I still don't know what the logic behind the numbers tables is that it uses to suggest numbers based on results, but it sure as hell works and proves for sure that roulette is not random.
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« Reply #46 on: March 22, 2019, 12:57:42 PM »
sam41today I tried this app at airball machines and made some profit.Hit a couple of times when the app gave only two numbers!Another couple of times things went harder and progression with 12-14 numbers started but eventually hit.
If I understand you play some "virtual" spin before betting?And what's your loss limit if I can ask?


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Ok so I made another £250 with this yesterday and am really excited by the potential of it. I'd lost a few hundred using another method that bombed so wanted to recoup that, but thinking next will be to build up a sizeable bankroll in order to place larger wagers using the casinos money. I think a big loss is unlikely but it would be easier to accept if it's with their cash!

I tend to wait until at least spin 10 before betting but if it's only giving 5 or 6 numbers by this point I'll wait for a few more. Yesterday I had 1 occasion where I lost 3 spins, and decided to stop rather than increasing the units. I was concerned that I was covering 20 numbers by this point and hadn't hit. Turns out I'd have won next spin, but I would rather just recoup a smallish loss than risk a big loss. One time using it for testing it blew out completely. That's like once in about 200 uses of it this week but it served as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed and you have to play with a degree of intuition and thought.

Interesting that it works on airball too, but I don't trust airball long term to be fair so I don't play it.

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« Reply #48 on: March 22, 2019, 07:34:17 PM »
Took a break from other testing to do a quick run for you Sam, this is from the PC version of the app.

I used a single table/wheel on a single day at Spielbank Duisburg, sequential order.  Exactly as if you walked in when the table opened that particular day, and you played for 306 spins, through dealer breaks, etc., and never moved away from that table.

What do these results tell us?  Nothing.

Anything can win for 300 spins, and most can win for 3000 spins when using negative progressions and large numbers being bet. 

The point of the test was simply to see what it would feel like to play it, how it flows, etc.  I've included the numbers from the largest draw down that occurred at spin 43, again just to see what it looked like as if you had played it. 

Obviously it gets nuts quickly once the numbers climb and it begins martingaling.  As Sam mentioned, players would be smart to simply play it with some sort of stop/reset point, large scale tests could determine where the most efficient progression reset point would be.  In this test it only went over 3u bet per number three times, that might be an acceptable reset/eat the loss point for some.

But it's all conjecture, without 10,000+ spins thrown at it, there's no point in trying to set rules.

Fun little app, if time ever permits I'll come back to it and do some higher volume tests without RX, just inputting large sequences of spins into the app and quickly tallying the wins/losses.  Glad to see you're winning with it sam, you deserve it.  :)
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« Reply #49 on: March 22, 2019, 08:47:25 PM »
I forgot to mention, that session won just flat betting as well. 

If you had played it identically to what the app recommended but didn't increase bets beyond 1u on the numbers as you played, it wound up at +118u after the 306 spins.

This is obviously because the betting spins hit/won at a higher rate than expected, enough to overcome the incorrect payout of the game.

In this session, there were 126 total betting spins, of which 26 won. 

That equals a 20.64% hit rate, and since the average number of bets was 6.44 per spin (average amount of #s being bet per spin on each of the 126 betting spins), we can calculate that the expected hit rate should have been 17.41% on a single 0 wheel (6.44 / 37).

So there was a net hit rate advantage for the session of +3.23%.

Again, it doesn't mean anything because you'd need thousands of additional spins to see if there really is an edge or advantage.  Interesting, but meaningless at this point.

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« Reply #50 on: March 23, 2019, 02:14:13 AM »
Thanks Mako, that's very interesting stuff. Although you say it needs large scale testing, my experience has been for months that it is very accurate. The paid for version seems to be even more so but that could just be me setting some parameters slightly differently or something. Besides my actual winnings I've found it works well on tests where no money is bet, also loads of times it's won before I've started to bet which is actually annoying as I have to start over then!

I think any method requires sensible wagering plans and an ability to stop if you sense danger or that it's not working. As long as it wins most of the time you can then be sure of long term profit. Personally I'd prefer to build up say, £500 through smaller bets and a bit of graft, then be in a position to start increasing unit size. Once you have enough to comfortably make it £5 a unit you would only need 2 or 3 wins a day to make good money. Of the ,650 units I won I reckon my average was about 20 units per win. Times that by 5 and you can really keep the number of games per day low and reduce the risk even further of finding a duff sequence. But you'd want at least 750 unit bankroll first, just to feel confident to go ahead with it (not because you might need it all).



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test yesterday 5000+ units martingale for win

why flatbet ?


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« Reply #52 on: March 23, 2019, 10:37:14 AM »
Can you provide more details Ice? How many spins and bets were involved in the test and when you say martingale, did you follow the apps staking plan or create your own?


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Please give me the link to app. Thanks.


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Not sure about where it is online, but if you have an Android phone just search 'win roulette' in the apps store and you'll find it (it has a light blue logo).

Just used it again at William Hill to relieve them of £104, it took about 15 minutes! I just went in to each of their wheels (except the speed wheel as there isn't enough time for inside betting) and got a win on each one until I'd made 100 units. It's somewhat frightening is this, I think I may have stumbled up on a HG method (I know, we've all heard that before but this just keeps working, and if you use smart money management there's no reason why you should end up giving it all back and then some like what happens with most systems).

Re: Win Roulette app
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You dont trust airball machines but play online on William Hill??? That's funny ;-)


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Only in small doses, hence bailing out with my 104 unit winnings! I won the previous £650 from Mr Green. It's hard to know which ones are legit, for a while I avoided all Evolution based casinos, but have recently won a lot with them and not found anything dodgy happening. I think as long as you keep winning, keep moving to a different casino after each session and you should be ok.
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Re: Win Roulette app
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i test pc version notwork martingale lose draw -5000 units